Morning Poem Summary

The poet describes the activities of the birds and animals in the morning. The sheep and cow are grazing in the open fields. Both the animals are eating grass which is wet with dew. A little bird stops. It is singing to a butterfly. A yellow-hammer bird is fluttering by her nest, while the sparrows are crying ‘tweet in the bush. The lark is flying in and out of the nests in a playful mood.

The butterfly is flying about and the yellow hammer bird is sitting by the dyke upon her nest.

The colour of the sun changes as the day progresses. It turns gold and ‘gets more high’.

As the sun rises higher in the sky, two remarkable changes take place. The paths become clean and the grass gets dry. Secondly, the longest shadows become longer and longer with the bright blaze of the day.


1. The dew drops are first compared to the drops of water on the grass. Then the poet further compares the dew drops to the drops water on the drink and fodder of the heifer and then drops of water that have drifted on the breast of little bird from the leaves of trees and then to the drops of water on the flowers and leaved.
2. The post compares the red sun to gold.
3. The dew drops fall on the leaves of trees too. But when too many drops accumulate, leaves begin to drip water.

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