A Journey By Bus

Last Monday I had to go Islamabad. I went to the busstand at 9 AM and bought a ticket. I sat in the bus and after about 10 minutes the bus was full. It started exactly 9. 15 AM. Soon after ten minutes the bus was out of Srinagar. It began to run through the open space. We enjoyed the fresh and cool air of the morning. The movement of the bus lulled some people to sleep. They began to doze.

After some time the bus reached Awantipora. It stopped there for about 5 minutes. Some of the passengers alighted while others sat in. It again left as usual. After about half an hour we reached Islamabad busstand.

The sight scenery visit gave me a delightful experience which I had not got prior to this. As the bus was moving the trees by the road side seemed to move in the opposite direction. The proverb “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” flashed past my mind. I felt as if I returned from a land of dreams. The bus journey was not a long one.

Then I left for my friends house.

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