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A Nation’s Strength: Summary, Analysis and Questions and Answers

A Nation’s Strength Central Idea: A Nation’s Strength is a beautiful patriotic poem written by “R.W. Emerson.” In this tiny poem, the poet reveals the secret of a nation’s strength. The poet asks several questions to discover the secret of the nation’s strength and he himself answers these questions. He says that the strength of …

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Freedom by Jayanta Mahapatra Summary and Solved Questions

Freedom by Jayanta Mahapatra is about his concept of freedom. It is not the kind of freedom we all have understood. It is a different kind of freedom.

Leisure by William Davies – Summary, Explanation and Solved Questions

The poem Leisure by William Davies conveys a wonderful message about how we are busy with our own lives and have little time to enjoy our surroundings and nature. He blamed people in this poem for the fact that we are like a machine and run every day without knowing the little information about our world.

Refugee Blues: Summary, Poetic Techniques, Theme and Questions and Answers

Refugee Blues is a poem by W. H. Auden written in 1939, one of a number of poems Auden wrote in the mid-to-late-1930s in blues and other popular meters, for example, the meter he used in his love poem “Calypso,” written around the same time. The poem dramatizes the condition of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany in the years before World War II, especially the indifference and antagonism they faced when seeking asylum in the democracies of the period.

The Lost Mistress By Browning: Summary, Explanations and Solved Questions

In “The Lost Mistress” is a Dramatic Monologue by Browning. In the poem, the poet represents the passion of grief. The speaker is a lover. But next morning his beloved is going to be somebody else’s wife. She has come to meet him
at night and he says that their love has come to bites and at last it is a fact, although a bitter one.

Life of Ma Parker By Katherine Mansfield Summary,

The story ‘Life of Ma Parker’ presents the tender and touching tale of Ma Parker who works as a domestic help and goes on weekly visit for this purpose to different house holds. She is a woman who has suffered a lot in her life. Hers has been a tale of continuous sufferings and hardships. But she has borne all her difficulties with courage. She has never complained and never broken down. Even in moments of acute pain, she has never wept. She always showed exceptional grit and courage in facing life’s challenges. But the death of her lovable grandson has been too severe a loss even for her.

Summary and Questions Answers of  Excellent Father Class 10th Tulip English 1

Summary and Questions Answers of Excellent Father Class 10th Tulip English

An Excellent Father is an extract from Jane Austen’s famous novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’. The main theme of the play is marriage. The novel shows how women marry men they are not in love with simply to gain financial security. The important characters of this passage are Mr and Mrs Bennet, Jane, Elizabeth and Mr Bingley.

The Refugees By Pearl S. Buck Summary, Theme and Questions and Answers

We often take one or two key themes out of a story and establish an essential question. The Refugees is definitely about survival and bravery from the refugee point of view, but it is also about the courage of those not directly affected, the courage to step up and make a change.

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