Day: 20 January 2021

A Time To Talk by Robert Frost- Summary and Questions Answers

The poem “A Time To Talk” is a short ten-line poem written by Robert Frost. The poem is more specifically, a snapshot of the lightning-quick moment of decision taken by a field worker. It is more broadly about choosing to stop the seeming perpetual actions of work when approached by a friend who is interested in conversation.

Windows: Summary and Questions and Answers Class 7 English

“Windows” is a great poem written by Wes Magee. It tells about the desires of a school going child.

Going for Water – Summary and Questions Answers

The poem ‘Going for Water’ has been written by a well-known poet Robert Frost. It is about why the people/children had to go very far to find water and where they went. The poem begins with people/children having to cross the fields behind their house to find out if the river is still running as the well outside their door has dried out. The people are quite happy to have an excuse to go outside because it’s a beautiful autumn evening.

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