Day: 15 January 2021

The Pilgrim: Summary, Paraphrase and Question Answers

The poem ‘The Pilgrim’ is an inspiring and thought- provoking poem written by an unknown poet. This poem is about an old man who crosses the chasm in the evening and learns that anyone who comes after him would have to face the same difficulties as he faced while crossing the chasm.So he stops to  build a bridge for an unknown youth traveller who is going to follow the same path after him even though the old man know that he himself never ever have the chance to cross that bridge.

A Time to Believe – Summary and Questions Answer

The poem A Time to Believe by B J Morbitzer is a thought-provoking and inspirational poem. It aims to give the readers hope and reasons to believe in better things, in order to change their lives. This motivational poem encourages readers to always be hopeful and to fulfil all hopes and goals with trust and self-confidence. Thus, the main theme of this poem is to have faith and belief on yourself.

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