The Wind Robert Louis Stevenson

Though we can not see the wind, we can know that it is there. When do we see things being moved by the wind? We see flags wave on top of buildings, trees move, our hair waves in the wind; we feel the touch of wind on our bodies, and our clothes toss when they are spread to dry up.


The poem “The Wind” written by Robert Louis Stevenson is a simple poem. The poet is conscious of the presence of the wind. In this poem, the poet describes how the wind really feels. The wind does many things. It tosses a kite on high and helps the birds fly in the sky. Its blowing produces a rhythmic sound like that of a song. It does many things but it is always hidden from our eyes. It blows all day long seeming to sing a loud song while it strikes against trees and blows ladies skirts across the grass. It makes things cold when it blows fast. It is mostly strong in the open field like birds or animals. It is stronger than the poet who feels its pleasant touch.


  • The wind’s gentle movement has been compared to the tossing of a kite or helping a bird to fly.
  • The wind is compared to the beast because it roars like a wild beast.
  • The last two lines repeated in all the stanzas emphasise the two ideas, first that the wind blows all day long continuously and secondly that it produces a rhythmic sound like that of a song.
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Questions and Answers

Q. Who is talking to the wind in this poem? Which lines tell you this?
Ans. The poet is talking to wind indicated by lines 1 to 17, the whole poem.

Q. No one can see the wind. But how do we feel its presence? Choose your examples from the poem.
Ans. We feel the presence of the wind when it blows up the kites when it helps the birds fly in the sky, when it strikes against trees and makes all sorts of sounds, when it blows ladies skirts across the grass and when it blows singing a loud song which it seems to produce.

We also feel its presence when it does so many things, blowing all day long and produces all sorts of sound.

Q. What is blowing all the day?
Ans. The wind is blowing all the day.

Q. What does the wind sound like?
Ans. The wind sounds like it is singing.

Q. What is the main idea of the poem?
Ans. The main idea of the poem is that the wind is strong and mysterious.

Q. Who or what does the “you” refer to in the poem?

Ans. “you” refers to the wind in the poem.

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