Black Aeroplane – Summary and Questions and Answers

Frederick Forsyth’s lesson “Black Aeroplane” explores how fantasising allows one’s judgement to be biassed and how this leads to problems. The narrator of this chapter is a pilot who is so excited to see his family and have a nice breakfast that he takes the risk of facing the storm rather than doing the right thing. He miraculously manages to flee with the assistance of a mysterious aeroplane.

Summary and Questions Answers of Excellent Father Class 10th Tulip English

An Excellent Father is an extract from Jane Austen’s famous novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’. The main theme of the play is marriage. The novel shows how women marry men they are not in love with simply to gain financial security. The important characters of this passage are Mr and Mrs Bennet, Jane, Elizabeth and Mr Bingley.

Long Walk To Freedom – NCERT Solutions ( Questions Answers and Summary) Class 10 Tulip English

Long Walk To Freedom – NCERT Solutions ( Questions Answers and Summary) Class 10 Tulip English

This wonderful chapter titled “Long Walk to Freedom” is an extract taken from “Long Walk to Freedom” which is the famous autobiography of Nelson Mandela; one of the leading figures of the world. In the autobiography, Nelson Mandela provides thought-provoking insight into political and social emancipation. He extensively talks about the system of government, the strength of courage, the power of love and the shallowness of hatred. He also says that freedom is essential for human dignity and oppression is a tormentor that decimates the dignity and identity of races.

The Servant By S. T. Semyonov | NCERT Solutions – Summary, Themes, and Questions Answers Class 10 Tulip English

The Servant By S. T. Semyono Summary The story has Gerasim in its lead role. Gerasim returned to Moscow just at a time when it was not essay to find a job. The time was just around Christmas when a man mostly sticks to a poor job in the expectation of a present. The peasant…


The Tale of Custard the Dragon Summary

The Tale of Custard the Dragon is a humorous poem written by Ogden Nash. It is written in ballad form. It narrates a story about Custard the Dragon. The Dragon is teased for being a coward but later he proves brave as he saves the lives of those who used to look down upon him. The poem gives us an impression that the ones who talk much about their bravery may turn out to be cowards.

Bholi – Summary, Characters & Questions Answers | Class 10th

Summary of Bholi by Khawaja Ahmad Abbas This story is about a simple young girl named Bholi. Bholi is an Urdu word which means simpleton. Her real name was Sulekha. However, destiny cheated her and when she was ten months old, she tumbled off the bed harming some part of her brain. Subsequently, she could…