Day 28 January 2021

Thank You Ma’am: Summary and Questions Answers

The story "Thank You Ma'am" is about a boy who tries to pick-pocket Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones but she catches him. She takes him back to her house, tells him to wash his face, give him food, some money and most importantly her advice. She teaches/tells him that she wasn't perfect either in her childhood and doesn't make it right for Roger to do the same. When the boy leaves he is so grateful and he couldn't ever mutter a thank you or any thankful gesture of gratitude.
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The Verger By W. Somerset Maugham- Summary and Questions Answers

Maugham’s short story “The Verger” is a tale about a simple man Albert Edward Foreman. He has been a verger in St. Peter’s Neville Square Church, doing his duties with great enjoyment and dedication. The new vicar dismisses the verger for being illiterate. While he is roaming around the London street in a distressed mood he tries to buy a cigarette. As there is no tobacco shop nearby, an idea strikes him. He sets up a tobacco shop with the meagre amount he has got in his savings. He develops his business with full dedication which leads to success. Within ten years he opens ten new tobacco shops in London city. He saves 30000 pounds in bank savings account.
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