My Parents

My parents are more than God to me. They live for me. They work for me. They think and act for me. They don’t have a life without me. They can’t live without me. I too can’t live without them. We are inseparable being separate. I can’t imagine happiness without my parents. Life will have no charm for me without my parents.

My parents are very honest. My father is a government servant. My mother is a housewife. I am their elder child. I am the apple of their eyes. They have given me so much love, care and affection. My mother prepares me lunch, washes my clothes and looks after my health. My father also brings me good clothes and everything that I demand. He helps me in my study. My parents are not well-to-do but honest. I wish to be hard-working like my parents.

My parents have inspired me to work hard. They want me to become a medico. I hope to fulfil their dreams. Every parent has dreams. My parents are waiting for the day when I will be a doctor.

My parents are frank and friendly. They have never hidden anything for me. They want me to be frank and friendly with them. They never scold me. I commit mistakes. They correct me lovingly. They accept their mistakes if I point out to them. My parents are not traditional type. They have given me full freedom to grow in my own way. And I never misuse or abuse this freedom. They have full faith in me. And I have never let their faith down.

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