Myself Essay

It is very hard to describe oneself. One needs great strength and courage to be free from bias. It is not an easy task to be free from likes and dislikes. It also needs the power to express your limitations and faults in public. However, it is not difficult to talk about good things that one possess.

I am Mohammad Touwseef. I study in class 8th in a local government school. I belong to a poor family. I have all weaknesses of a government school student. I am a shy type. I can not speak loudly and boldly in public. I love to remain reserved. I do not like to mix vkh with every Tom, Dick and Harry. I have a few friends but they are all dependable.

I am not good at studies. I hate examination in general and Math in particular. On the other hand, I am at home in English and Urdu. I also like painting. They are my only strength. I am a player by choice. I am a member of school football team. I take part in every football game at our school.

I have many bad habits. I am not an early riser. I wake up late. I am usually late for school also. I like to sleep. I don’t do my homework on time. My teachers often daunt me on it. However, I bath and brush my teeth daily. I like to wear good clothes. I am always neat and clean than the other students in my school.

I am a bad sort. People do not like my company. I never watch television movie. I don’t drink. I have not touched play-cards. I am a teetotaller. I love to read books which are untouchable for many of my young friends. Don’t you feel I am queer fish?

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