Our Neighbors

I live in Budgam. I have two storey house. I live in a place where I have good neighbours all around. Dr Mirs’ and Advocate Dars’ are my immediate neighbours. My family and my neighbours’ families know one another very well.

Dr Mirs’ family is very co-operative and loving. Dr Mir is a doctor in the district hospital. His wife is a teacher in the local Govt. High School. They have two sons and one daughter. Their two sons study in college and their only daughter is my sister’s school-mate. We respect one another from the core of our hearts. We share both our happiness and sorrow with each other. We stand by one another through thick and thin.

Advocate Dars are equally fine people. They are like our own family members. Advocate Dars is a leading lawyer. His sons are engineers. His only son is an engineer and his daughter studies in a local High School.

We are very lucky in having Dr Mir and Advocate Dar as our neighbours. We always help one another in hard hours. We leave our children and property to their care when we are away. We have no envies, no jealousies, and no formalities. We have indeed a happy neighborhood.

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