A Football Match Essay

Last Friday a football match was played between our school and the Govt. Higher Secondary School Magam. Mr Assad was the referee. Both the teams were in their respective uniforms. The young players were looking smart. A large number of people including their teachers and class-mates had gathered to witness the match.

The referee whistled and both the teams entered the playground. Our school won the toss and chose the side. The match began at 3 P. M. Both the teams played an excellent game but failed to score a goal. It was an exciting match right from the beginning. The spectators cheered the players every now and then.

The play became more exciting after the halftime. The players played more vigorously and the spectators clapped more noisily. Our school scored two goals in just ten minutes. Our centre forward was cheered by all.

The Government School played still better. Their centre forward scored one goal very soon. There were shouts of joy and cheers.

Only five minutes were left for the match to finish. Right then, the Government school scored one more goal through penalty. The time was over. The match ended in a draw.

We run to the playground. We cheered and backed up our players. We shook hands with players of both the games. It was a thrilling experience.

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