Choice and Usage of Words For Article Writing

Word choice means the judicious selection of words considering various factors, including meaning, specificity, level, tone, and general audience. The insightful selection of words can make a mediocre writer a better one or transform a dull subject into engaging. The selection of words is paramount for composition, especially the content writing. Picking exact words will enable you to expand the effect on your readers.


Cart Driver Questions Answers and Summary

The poem “Cart Driver ” is a wonderful poem written by the Padma Sachdev. The poem talks about the love that a mother has for her children. It is an atmosphere of mystery that creates fear and dread. The bulbul feels the danger of fire in its home (forest) in the poem. To save her fledgelings, she wants to rush to them, but she finds herself unable to move or fly out of fear.

Speak the Speech, I Pray Thee

Speak the Speech, I Pray Thee By Emily Cary Long before talking heads and hosts of newscasts proliferated the airwaves with multiple superfluous insertions in every sentence, or began a remark with “So,” educators promoted Shakespeare’s plea to “speak the speech trippingly on the tongue” through elocution classes. They heralded the ability to communicate in…

Questions Answers and Summary of An Evening Wet With Rain

Questions Answers and Summary of An Evening Wet With Rain

The poem” The Evening Wet With Rain” is a magnetic poem in which the poet talks about an evening wet with rain. It is an atmosphere of complete silence and calmness. The poet sketches numerous images from nature to broaden the effect of silence and loneliness. The poet seems to be depressed, perhaps because of despair that has darkened the evening of his life.