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Birthday Wishes

Are you looking for some beautiful birthday wishing messages and quotes? Then you have reached the right place. Here you will find an exhaustive list of birthday wishing messages which we have collected from across many sites especially social sites which people have sent to their friends or relatives and made available for you. Read these messages and send them to your nears and dears.

It is beautiful feeling when you come to know that someone likes you , someone thinks about you, someone cares you and someone needs you but it feels much better when you know that some loves you to the extent that he never ever forgets your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Birthday cake

Decorated cakes, flying papers, multi colours of balloon, magnetic blossoms, fantastic people, singing, dancing, love and laughter. What it describes? Happy Birthday!

A smile on your curved lips sets everything straight, vanishes sorrows, and wipes wrinkle away. Hope you share lots and receive lots of it for days to come. Happy Birthday!

I am aware that it is your birthday today. I am sure you will give me treat in a big hotel. So, I shall express my feelings to you there because I don’t like to pour out my feelings in SMS. Until we meet in person , hold this one : Happy Birthday!

Friendship is about putting out the positive when everything seems negative, being accepted for who you are, being able to pick up right where you left off, sharing, speaking, and laughing. Friendship is about us, and I’m thankful for that. And I hope you’ve got the wonderful birthday ever!

Some people like SunDAY. Others like MonDAY. Still, there are some that thank God it’s FriDAY, but I like and thank God it’s your birthDAY. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday

If lovers are like moon, and brothers are like stars, then I realized that without moon, but not stars, the sky looks nice. Happy Birthday!

It’s just another day, but the best day of the year is this one! Happy birthday, dear friend of mine!

Wishing you all the fun and enthusiasm that are bestowed just by birthdays. Happy Birthday!

Wishing u a day soft as silk.

White as milk.

Sweet as honey.

Full of money.

May all ur dreams come true.

Happy Birthday,!

Let God adorn each GOLDEN RAY OF THE SUN reaching you with wishes of Success, Happiness and Prosperity. Wish you a wonderful Birthday!

This message has no fat, no cholesterol, no additive. This is all-natural except for a lot of sugar, but it can never be as nice as a reader. Smile and wish you a Happy Birthday!

Forget about the past, you can’t change it.

Forget about the future, you can’t predict it.

Forget about the present, I didn’t get you one.
Happy birthday!

I think you’ve climbed elevated hills, went on thorny routes, sailed on raging waters and ran on hazardous roads. Let’s face it; Your God has always been faithful to you all the way. Enjoy the day, it’s worth it. Happy Birthday!

Birthday quotes

Friendship is a vital asset to life, so I respect and love you for what you are. It’s your birthday and my heart is your greetings filled with great regards for you. Wish you a sweet and healthy birthday!

May this birthday be your greatest birthday ever, a fireworks explosion of happiness, full of light and laughter. May this birthday live forever in your memory, creating happiness and peace whenever you remember it. Happy Birthday!

May everything be pleased and bright from morning to night be yours on your birthday. And then may the same thing hold true throughout the year so that every day will be filled with the finest things for you in life. Blessed birthday for you!

A big cake for you with beautiful thoughts, wishes a, d prayers to make you happy on your birthday. Have a wonderful birthday!

Dear, you are such a special friend who deserves a special day for being who you are and bringing happiness in every manner. You make me smile and laugh with everything you do, so today I can give you a special birthday wish. Happy birthday!

To the world, you may be ONE person. But to me, you are the WORLD. Have a wonderful birthday!

Happy birthday! May this birthday shower in your every happiness you desire and it be your best birthday ever! Thank you for being my friend.

Birthday wishes which you can use on a birthday card:

Birthday is the most extraordinary day in one’s life, appreciate it without limit.

The sun is sparkling all the more splendidly to wish you happy birthday.

Wish you an exceptional and spectacular birthday.

Cheerful birthday to the most wonderful individual on the earth.

Give this day a chance to be loaded with every one of the shades of the rainbow.

I believe that today is the start of an incredible year for you. Happy Birthday.

A companion is somebody who comprehends your past, trusts in your future, and acknowledges you simply the manner in which you are even if you are getting older. Happy Birthday!

An extraordinary friend and a happy birthday, that is the thing that you are and what I wish for you.

A lighter and We’re going to require a flamethrower to illuminate your candles.

A genuine friend remembers your birthday but not your age.

Age is a number, but life is your calculator

One more year has passed. May you have all that you wish to work out as expected. Wish you a wonderful birthday

One more year has passed and let me simply state the amount we rely on you instead of tally the years, I wish you a Happy Birthday.

One more year older, one more year astute. All things considered, at any rate, we are growing up to be what you intended to be the hottest young girl around. Happy Birthday lovely.

All the best for the most joyful day loaded up with adoration and laughter. Happy Birthday.

The Best Birthday greeting for you….sorry, however, that was everything I could afford.

Birthday events are uncommon events and they call for exceptional celebrations. Give us a chance to commend your birthday today.

Birthday celebrations travel every which way, so you have to Go. I wish you a great Bday!

Extinguishing another flame should imply that you have experienced one more year with bliss and you had made this world a superior place. Make each day of your life and each light count. HappyBday!

“Happy Birthday! I hope you have the most joyful birthday. Make the most of your extraordinary day!”

“Happy Birthday Sis! When all is dim, and there is no light, what is trust? Expectation is continually having a sister to cherish you. Much obliged to you for everything.”

Happy Birthday. I wish you well and I wish all your birthday wishes.. work out as expected!”

“A birthday is the most exceptional day. Appreciate it without limit. Happy Birthday my Friend.”

“Good companions care for each, dear companions understand one another, however, true companions, stay perpetually, stunning, beyond distance, beyond time.”

“Age resembles underwear; it creeps up on you!” Have an incredible birthday!

“Happy birthday! Anyway, uncommon true love might be, it is less so than true friendship.”

“The Lord favor you and keep you, the Lord make his face sparkle on you and be benevolent to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you harmony.”

Happy Birthday! Wishing you a birthday as brilliant as your grin.”

“Happy Birthday my friend. Why we need closest friends since they giggle at a similar moronic things we do. Since they give us legit guidance. Since they will be there for us, regardless of whether they’re a great many miles away. Since they celebrate with us when we’re getting it done, yet at the same time love us at the very least.”

“This birthday wish is warm as they can be. I need to demonstrate to you the amount you intend to me. I’ll send you embraces and wishes. – favor your direction, Smile a ton since it’s your birthday!”

“I realize that you have been honored with so much and I wish you considerably more favors your birthday and the days to come.” Happy Birthday to you

Happy birthday amusing expressions “Life is too short to ever be not kidding constantly. Along these lines, on the off chance that you can’t snicker at yourself, call me… I’ll giggle at you.”

Do you accept? In Miracles. I do in light of the fact that having you in my life appears to be a marvel each Singe day. I love you! ”

“In the end, it’s not the years throughout your life that check, it’s the life in your years. – Abraham Lincoln.”

“You are such a delightful person all around.”

“May each sparkling light on your cake change into a desire that will transform into the real world. You are one extraordinary person and you don’t merit anything however the best.”

“I will content you multiple times in succession and feel no disgrace. You’re my friend, you truly pursued this.” Happy birthday my friend!

“My love for you knows no limits. My regard for you is similarly colossal. You are my definitive passionate help and my best friend. Each memory from the gone years makes me happy that you are my friend. Happy Birthday. ”

“Walking with a friend in obscurity is superior to strolling alone in the light.”

“On your birthday, we wish for you that anything you desire most throughout everyday life, it comes to you, simply the manner in which you envisioned it, or better. Cheerful Birthday!”

Daughter, I Wish simply the best for you throughout everyday life. May you conquer each issue life tosses your direction, and may you generally be sure about the substance of affliction. Cheerful Birthday”

Happy birthday quotes interesting “Those aren’t grey hairs you see. They’re strands of birthday sparkle becoming out of your head. Happy Birthday!”

“It’s an uncommon time to celebrate with dear ones and have a great deal of fun. What’s more, as you have a great time, getting a charge out of every snapshot of your day, may wonderful shocks and endowments of love and companionship come your direction!”

“A basic wish from my heart You are and will remain a section My life is genuinely fragmented Without you my affection I adore you to such an extent As unadulterated as your otherworldly touch Have a cherishing day Happy birthday!”

“May every day be loaded up with the glow of God’s adoration and the calming solace of family and companions. May every day deliver a sweet memory of the past. May everything excellent be yours on this uncommon day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

“Dear Bestie, regardless of what number of companions I have, regardless of the amount I converse with them or invest energy with them, generally recall, that nobody can supplant you. You were, are, and will consistently be basic. You remain as a cherished memory to me until the end of time.”

Happy Birthday to perhaps the closest companion! Here’s to one more year of giggling at our own jokes and keeping each other normal!!”

“I recall the day you were born. Merry Birthday, Son. You are such a gift. I love you!”

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