“Where Are You” is one of my old poems. There are many things unique in this poem. One is that in every line second person pronoun is used. Please comment your remarks about the poem.

Where Are You?

My dream is to get you
You’re the just cry of my heart
To touch your smell and smile
You’re my desire all the while
You for me is a beautiful rose
You for me all poetry and prose
I never forget you
You live always in my heart
You’re treatment of my every sorrow
You a cock of the walk in my shadow
My just contemplation is you
Every moment you in my heart
Every thing tell me just your name
In every conciousness dwell your fame
Twinkling stars give your hope
Frogs by their melodious tune cope
All utter the mark of you
And you surpass in my heart
Nightingale sweetly chant you looking
Goose-step give imitation of your walking
Every thing fair and square about you
You always the fair name in my heart
You for me far and wide
You in my soul in peace and tide
Yet Alas! I don’t find you !
Where are you!

Where are you

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