The emerging new health problems of present times are owning to the deterioration of the quality of our environment.The scarcity of water is alarming in the present times because no water can be considered safe for drinking including underground water. Besides global warming is changing the pattern of climate and consequently affecting the disease patterns in the world.

Summer arrives too soon this year.Winter was not cold this year. Last year also it was rather hot. Ecological balance is disturbed and global warming is gradually increasing.

How to properly the environment

Most environmental issues are related either to the interaction between human population and natural resources,that is, those caused by taking resources from environment or putting waste into the environment,or factors associated with the sheer growth of the human population. Every year the summer prolongs and winter ends too soon. Rains have become scanty in several states of India. All the events are on account of man’s callous actions. Trees are disappearing to expand land for constructing houses to meet the needs of an ever increasing population. Nobody seems to have realised the adverse effects of deforestation. If this is not stopped soil erosion can’t be checked. Trees are our lifeline. They provide life-giving oxygen to breathe which keeps people healthy.

Save the environment

Different movements were started from time to time to address the environmental problems.The Chipko Movement initiated by women in India had a remarkable effect. This simple gesture had woken up the conscience of an entire nation. Now tree falling is comparatively minimised. The young people can contribute a lot towards this. They can spread the message with the urgency that is required to salvage whatever is left of the environment. It is a question of ‘Now or Never’.The future belongs to the youth. So they must take an active interest in saving the environment and ensuring a healthy life.The concept of sustainable development was advanced for the first time in the Bruntland Report of 1987.It emphasis the connection between development and environmental problems. It also promotes the need for political and economic changes locally, regionally and globally to tackle the issues.

Finally risk communication can help in avoiding many of the environmental hazards. It is important to invite and encourage public participation and make them understand the nature and extent of the risk.If the background information is shared fully, all the affected groups would help to make it possible to arrive at an informed estimate of the risk and wise approach to its management.

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