What is the order of colours in a rainbow?

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In fact, there are many more colours in the rainbow for which we have names. Our eyes can distinguish millions of individual colour shades! Isaac Newton, to whom we owe a lot of gratitude for his pioneering work on what light is and how colours combine to make the rainbow. The colours of the rainbow are:

Red — Orange — Yellow — Green — Blue — Indigo — and Violet.

The colours of the rainbow

These are the seven visible spectrum colours. The ultraviolet rays are beyond violet, and the infrared rays are before red. ROYGBIV is the order of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet). When it hits the water, it is caused by a breakdown of white light wavelength (all colours). It is refracted as it passes through the water droplets in the sky (moisture after rain) and breaks into seven different wavelengths sizes. Red is the largest colour wavelength, and Violet is the smallest. They have different sizes as they travel from the sun to our eyes due to the amount of energy they come with!

Usually, we make a mistake when we think about the rainbow in the colours of ROYGBIV. What many people in the rainbow call “blue” is actually cyan, you should know, like what you are using in your colour printer. Cyan stimulates the parts of our eyes which see green and blue equally. The computer monitor you are currently watching produces cyan by combining even green and blue light levels as well. The actual pure blue is what Newton, unfortunately, calls “indigo.” Therefore, in terms of what colours are there, a more accurate summary of the rainbow would be Red – Orange – Yellow – Green – Cyan – Blue – Violet.

The colours of the rainbow

Psychology and Significance of Colours

The colours we wear sent out a specific message. Colours upgrade our appearance and impact our personality. For example, the colour pink is known to have a calming impact on individuals, in this manner it has been utilized in prison cells and in the storage rooms of visiting sports team. A lot of restaurants use red, orange, and yellow to pull in customers, but these hues are intended to urge you not to remain long preparing for more customers and more sales.

The colour red increases your appetite causing you to eat more. Colours can affect the size of a room, your sense of temperature, and most importantly, how women see you.

The colour red builds your hunger making you eat more. Colours can influence the measurement of a room, your feeling of temperature, and in particular, how ladies see you.

Rainbows are one of the best marvels saturated with a significant history spreading over all societies and religions.


Red is the first colour of the rainbow and in this way has the longest wavelength. This arc compares to Archangel Uriel, speaking to insight and vitality in Christianity. In the modern day of Buddhism and Hinduism, the red arc compares to the base or Muladhara Chakra which is the first chakra that associates an individual to the physical plane or “grounds.”

Besides being the colour of strength, control, and sexual vitality, the colour red attracts consideration. It is additionally the hue of love.

colours of rainbow


Orange is the rainbow’s second coloured arc. This arc is a blend of pre-and post – red and yellow hues. Orange alludes inventiveness and the capacity to have fun in a rainbow. The orange bend speaks to Swadhisthana, the vitality related to fertility, sexuality, and inventiveness, in view of the chakra framework.

Yellow is the third hue of the rainbow. This arc is related to the splendour of intelligence and thoughts of Archangel Jophiel. Yellow is the splendour of the sun inside the rainbow. The yellow arc alludes to the Manipura chakra inside the chakra framework, which is the centre of the sense of self and individual intensity of man like how the sun nourishes the earth.

Yellow is also an allurement colour. While it is viewed as a positive colour, symbolising eagerness and fun-loving nature. The shading yellow is troublesome for the human eye to take in and can be overpowering.

colours of rainbow


Green is the rainbow’s fourth coloured arc. This arc represents recuperating and flourishing of Archangel Raphael. The green encapsulates wellbeing, riches, and love inside the rainbow. The green curve speaks to Anahata inside the chakra framework, which is the chakra of the heart where the capacity to bestow and get love is prepared.
Green also speaks to empathy, flourishing, money, and energy. It is a relaxing shading. Numerous TV studios have a “green room” for individuals to sit in to unwind before they go reporting in real time.

colours of rainbow


Blue is the fifth hued arc of the rainbow. This arc is connected to Michael Archangel. Chief heavenly messenger Michael speaks to otherworldliness and is the pioneer of the considerable number of lead celestial hosts. The blue is a linked with the water and the soul world inside the rainbow. The blue arc speaks to Vishudda inside the chakra framework, which is the chakra of the throat and the capacity to speak with virtue.

Blue is standout amongst the most prevalent colours, blue speaks to learning, authority and dedication. Blue makes the body produce quieting chemicals so usually utilized in bedrooms. The colour blue shows reliability, it is a well-known colour to wear at a job interview.

colours of rainbow


Indigo is the sixth hue arc of the rainbow. The colour indigo is a scaffold between the conscious and subconscious worlds inside the rainbow. The indigo arc inside the chakra framework is the Ajna chakra spoken to by the third eye and the capacity on the profound dimension to see the concealed.


Violet is the rainbow’s seventh and last coloured arc. This arc alludes with the benevolence spoken to by Archangel Zadkeil. The colour violet is a mix of red and blue inside the rainbow and speaks to the entrance to the creative ability and the motivation of Divine. The violet arc inside the chakra framework is the Sahashara chakra that agrees with the purpose of interfacing human awareness to the Divine or profound consciousness.

The colours of the rainbow

More Important Colours


Black is the colour of power, style, modernity, and temptation. It is a slimming colour and influences individuals to seem more slender. Black can likewise infer accommodation, for example, a lady who is wearing dark panties infers she needs the man to see her in her underwear.

The colours of the rainbow


White symbolises innocence and virtue, which is the reason the wedding dress is white. Doctors wear a white coat to suggest sterility and neatness.

Purple is the shade of eminence. It speaks to luxury, riches, and advancement. It is likewise feminine and sentimental and seldom found in nature.


Old dependable brown. Brown shows soundness. It is the hue of earth and a most loved of general men.

The colours of the rainbow

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