All About The Word Payal

The word payal is actually a Hindi originated word likewise utilized in Urdu. In English it implies anklet or ankle bracelet.Payal is a metallic string normally put on by ladies around the ankle in feet. It is a bit of foot decoration or adornments in India and is worn by females. The sound created by payals is exceptionally melodic and tinkling and it is called jingling.

Nowadays payals are used as luxurious jewellery. They are mostly made of silver but currently there is a increasing trend that women wear gold payals (anklets) especially at the time of marriage. They are beautified and made magnetic by colouring of the surface of the metal along with pearls, beads and colourful precious stones and bells are fixed to them.

In India payals have cultural significance. Here it is tradition that women put on different types of jewellery especially made of silver and gold. One of the commonest practice among them is to adorn feet by wearing payals (anklets).

Typically anklets have minute tinkling bells, which makes jingling sound when a woman walk or dance. This sounds makes the relatives, particularly the males to see that OK, a woman is coming, so they must be respectful. Anklets likewise help a wife to capture the consideration of husband.

“In love with those mellifluous sound , of your anklet, that tinkles when we cuddle in a blanket.” – Vinayak

The Word Payal

How To Pronounce The Word Payal

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The Name Payal

Payal is also counted as one of the popular and unique names. It is a Hindu girl name with impressive meaning. The name has been searched 1170 times till June 10,2019.
It’s widely used in Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Welsh, Malayalam ,Telugu, Tamil, English as well as other languages of the world. The moon sign of the word is Virgo ( Kanya) and its star is Uttara Phalguni.

Payal expresses number 1 in Indian vedic astrology or Numerology. It is said that as per Vedic Astrology the people having expression no 1 have courageous mentality. They are with fearless attitude. They are also extremely ambitious and have controlled determination. They generally desire to live their live according to their own terms and conditions. They like to be autonomous in their terms and ventures towards their life path. They are a genuine inborn leaders. What’s more, it’s also obvious that they are adventurous and accomplish their fantasies. For this they are always focussed towards their goals and aspiration. They want to see dreams and need to take every conceivable step to satisfy their fantasies. Therefore some may pass judgment on they as egotistical even narrow minded individual, however this isn’t valid in any way. Because of this Number 1 impact they are exceptionally creative and profession oriented. They additionally tend to save money for their future days and they generally attempt to spend less. As they are a daring people, so it’s a modest solicitation to them to be particularly cautious towards their each progression in their life, there might be some unsafe people and occurrences are waiting to do harm to them. Because of number 1 expression, they generally love to take unexpected choice and this make their life exciting for the most part.

This information is sufficient to give a clear idea about the word and name Payal. If you have any question please ask us.

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