In India, there is a word in news on social media and the word is ‘Modilie’. What is the meaning of the word? Here is all about the word.

Actually, there is no such word in the English dictionaries. It is a fake word. The word has been used to mock Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Rahul tweeted it was a new word in the English dictionary and also attached a photoshopped screenshot of a word entry to a replica of the Oxford Dictionary website.

Oxford Dictionary denied Rahul Gandhi’s claim that the word “Modilie” was added to dictionaries and confirmed that the image showing the’ Modilie’ entry is fake and does not exist in any of their Oxford Dictionaries.

It’s a bluff by Rahul Gandhi.

A website ‘Modi Lies – The most accurate list of PM Modi’s many lies’ has also been created to mock PM Modi. Previously, Rahul Gandhi has referred to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley as ‘Jaitlie’.

Now another word ‘Rahulie’ is going round to mock Rahul Gandhi.

Modilie: Rahul Gandhi explains meaning of new English word…….”To lie incessantly and habitually” and ‘to lie without respite’ are the other meanings of the word , which has been formed by a combination of the words Modi and lie, claimed the Congress leader.

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