Health is Wealth

Health is a real treasure. Life is misery without good health. Good health means not only the lack of sickness in the body but an individual’s overall physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

Good health is the most valuable and precious thing in our lives. It is the secret of a happy man. No one can deny that a healthy man lives happily. Money or wealth cannot give a person the happiness of life that he or she can obtain from good health. A person having money, vehicles, servants at his disposal, and a large house to stay in cannot enjoy all these blessings without good health. Whereas a person with a small income, without a servant for work and a small house to live in, but a healthy body enjoys life to its fullest.

A few good rules of life must be exercised for good health and to look younger and live longer. To stay healthy, we need to eat a balanced diet. Take a little workout every single day. Let not stress clutter our minds and shake our nervous system. We should not allow evil thoughts to bring pain to our minds. We should be living in a clear and clean climate. We have to be early risers and never go to bed too late.

Good health is, therefore, the most valuable and precious thing for every person and every step has to be taken to protect it. Early to bed early to rise makes all men healthy, wealthy and wise.

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