A Picnic Essay

A picnic is a great stress buster. It helps to alleviate the stress and anxiety related to studies and other issues in the family. It takes you away from the boring routine of everyday life. It produces a comforting effect and brings beauty to life. Moreover, it provides us with complete opportunities to study the book of Nature as Shakespeare says. “We find sermons in stones, tongues, in trees and books in running brooks”. Picnics, tours and tours are as important as food and drink.

Last Monday, we were granted a special holiday. My friends and I made a programme and set out in the morning for a beach picnic. At 9′O clock, we reached there. In a hut, we unpacked our things. My friends decided to go boating, so we hired a boat to take us to Manora Island. We wanted to fish, so we all started with high hopes, but only a small amount of fish was captured. After having enjoyed ourselves on the shore, we reached the island. We had our fish fried and enjoyed a great lunch. We had tea in the evening and had a nice time before sunset.

We were wading in water. Wave after wave came and passed us, finally splashing on the shore. We rode the horses and camels, too, and it was great and exciting. One of my friends had brought his camera along and we clicked many snaps.

The scene of the sun setting was superb. As the sun sunk, we packed our stuff and, after a few minutes, came back with the memories of the whole day to cure the heart’s desire.

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