The Most Unforgettable Moment in My Life


The Most Memorable Moments of My Life

Everyone’s life is full of memorable moments. Some moments are quite unforgettable. There have been many unforgettable moments in my life. I would like to mention one of them.

The most unforgettable moment in my life is when one day I was travelling from Jammu to Dehli by train. I was in the first class, so only a few passengers were there with me. At a specific station, all of them got off. I was now in the compartment absolutely alone.

After a moment, a clever lady walked into the compartment and sat next to me. She had an ingenious scheme to rob me. She told me she would report to the railway police that I had robbed her if I did not hand over all the money I had to her. I was totally and utterly perplexed when I heard this horrible voice. I made a plan to save myself from that lady’s wicked plan. Therefore, I pretended to be a deaf and a dumb fellow and asked her to write what she wanted to say on a piece of paper. She wrote her request happily on the piece of paper and handed it over to me. I changed my seat to pick up a piece of writing. The railway policeman came and asked what the matter was. As smart as she was, the women burst into admissions, so she said I had robbed her of a thousand rupees. He seemed to believe in her false story at first, but when I gave the piece of writing to the police, she turned pale. She was caught red-handed, so I saved myself from her evil scheme.

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