Secret Of Happiness – Summary and Question Answers

Secret Of Happiness Questions and Answers

Short Answer Questions
1. Which is the greatest day in any individual’s life?

Ans:- It is the day when he begins to realise himself for the first time.

2. What is there in the personality of every man?

Ans:- There is a great store of unused powers.

3. How can weak personalities become strong?

Ans:- Weak personalities can become strong by using the store of their unused powers.

4. What are the different types of fears experienced by people?

Ans:- Financial fears, fears of ill health and fears about the future.

Ans:- The priceless secret that Mr Kagawa learned was that if a person immerses himself in the grace of God over a long period of time, he will find peace that nothing can break. We must have faith in God. He is with us at all times and cares about us. It’ll provide us with peace of mind. The fear of ill health, losing money and the future is faced by people. One must understand himself and control his fear.

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Ans. Mr. Kagawa had great faith in God’s goodness. He believed that man is cared for by God. If one seeks the grace of God, one can always live a peaceful and happy life. This peace, given by the grace of God, is never destroyed, according to Kagawa. Mr. Kagawa always carried with him such peace.

Q. 2. Describe, in your own words, how the professor changed the total attitude of the student?

Ans. The Student was good at sports. But he was not good at studies. One day the professor explained about failure of an average man. The professor talked about the sun’s rays, which were focused on a piece of paper through a burning glass. These rays had produced the power to burn a hole in the paper. He said every individual had inward power. If this power is properly focused on what the individual wants to achieve, it will surely succeed and reap the fruits of the effort. The student enthralled to learn about the failure of an average man and the student was totally changed.

Q. 3. Write a small paragraph on ‘The Proper Use of Human Energy’?

Ans. The author describes that there is a great spiritual power in the personality of every person. One should use this unused power. One should control his powers. One should have deep faith in God.

Human energy is no less powerful than that of atomic energy. It can work miracles if it’s used in the right way. This energy should be entirely focused on the object that the person wants to achieve. For example, if one wants to be an Olympic player, one should devote one’s energy to the acquisition of the physical skills that Olympic players need for medals. Whatever one’s life goal may be, it can always be achieved if all physical and mental energies are properly focused on it.

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Q. 4. Relate the incident of North Woods in your own words.

Ans. One day the author was alone at home in the North Woods.He heard some noises outside his home. It’s been a dark night. He heard the noise on the porch. They sent a shiver to his spine, and he was rooted in his chair. In a newspaper, he had read a report of the murder. Now he was beginning to think that some gangsters were secretly entering his cabin to put an end to his life. He flung open the gate in a fit of desperation. He discovered a little chipmunk instead of gangsters. This experience has taught him a lesson. Never magnify your fear.

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