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Of Youth and Old Age – Summary and Solved Questions

The essay ‘Of Youth and Old Age’ is one of the most popular essays of Lord Bacon. In this essay Bacon presents a comparative study of the nature of youth age and old age. He says that both the stages of life have their own merits and demerits. Bacon is of the view that the compounding of the characteristics of young age and old age can help in getting success especially in business.
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The prehistory to Iphigenia on Tauris

The heroine Iphigenia is the daughter of King Agamemnon , the general of the Greek troops in the Trojan War . Homer's epic Iliad in particular reports on the Trojan War , but also numerous other writings from ancient Greece. So now the entire Greek fleet gathers at Aulis to sail together to Troy to go to war, when suddenly there is a calm. The sailing ships of the Greeks cannot sail without wind.
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Candida by George Bernard Shaw – Summary, Themes and Characters

The play Candida is written by George Bernard Shaw. Candida is the name of the central figure of the play. The word Candida is derived from the adjective ‘candid’, which means frank and truthful The major characters of the play are Candida, Reverend James Mavor Morell, and Eugene Marchbanks. The minor characters of the play are Burgess, Miss Proserpine Garnett, and Reverend Alexander Mills (Lexy).
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