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Elements in Gothic Fiction with Examples

Elements in Gothic Fiction Gothic fiction is a literary genre that blends horror and romance. Originating in the late 18th century, it enjoyed widespread popularity in the 19th century, particularly in Britain and the United States. Mystery, the supernatural, and romantic, melancholy, or supernatural elements define the genre. The following…

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Character Sketch of Oberon

Character Sketch of Oberon Oberon is the king of Fairyland. He is a commanding individual who expects obedience from his subordinates. He asserts that nobody in the realm has more authority than him. When he witnesses his wife Titania’s devotion to the Indian boy she is parenting, he becomes envious…

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Character Sketch of Maddie

Character Sketch of Maddie Maddie was in the same class as Peggy and Wanda. She and Peggy were inseparable friends. They were always seen together. She used to wear hand-me-downs, mostly from Peggy, because she didn’t have many new clothes. She did not like Peggy making fun of Wanda. She…

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Summary of The Poet by Ralph Emerson

Introduction Background to the Essay “The Poet” Emerson’s essay “The Poet” originally published in the 1844 edition of Essays, discusses what makes a poet and what that person’s position in society should be. He contends that the poet is a seer who uncovers the mysteries of the universe and articulates…

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