Not so much time before, the mobile phone was considered a luxury thing and a commodity for the rich. Very few people could be seen talking on a mobile phone, perhaps one out of thousands the common people could not afford it. But now mobile phones are so common that they are hardly noticed by anyone. They can be seen in both young and old hands. Even boys and girls who go to school can be seen carrying in their hands mobile phones. These mobile phones have led to a communications revolution. They are one of modern science’s greatest blessings. But how we use this blessing — in a good or bad way — is in our own hands.


It is almost impossible to imagine our everyday lives without smartphones in today’s fast-moving and globalised world. It is one of the 20th century’s most successful inventions which has become a convenient means of communication. Modern smartphones perform so many other functions. They are the most beautiful and easy substitutes for devices like music players, video player, cameras, watches, calendars, reminders, organizers and what not. Most of them also provide Internet access and texting. This has brought revolution in the field of learning, research and entertainment. According to U.N. Telecom, the world had nearly 6 billion mobile phone users, with nearly 86 gadgets per 100 people.

It is a fact that modern people need smartphones in all circles of their lives – expert and individual. But, we don’t see how much we rely upon smartphones and what impacts they are overuse may bring.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

There are some harmful impacts of mobile phones as well, which may be brought about by the radical use of smartphones. As per recent research, the most threatening issue is the association between mobile phones and cancer. Despite the fact that the information stays dubious, most researchers concur that there is a sure danger from utilizing smartphones excessively. It is accounted for, that people who talk or chat on the smartphones for a few hours daily are half bound to develop brain cancer. The explanation behind this is the radio waves produced by phones. It is determined, that consistently the human brain gets around 220 electromagnetic motivations, which are not really hurtful, yet which certainly influence the mind in instances of a delayed effect. Ongoing researches report two sorts of brain cancer may happen – glioma and acoustic neuroma. Aside from malignant growth chance, mobile phones badly impact our nervous system.

They may cause headaches, diminished attention, shortness of temper, sleep issues and above all depression generally among youngsters. It has been found that texting and playing games on smartphones are also harmful to eyes. Playing games on smartphones sometimes cause irritability and aggressiveness, especially among children and teenagers. Radio waves are obviously not the only reasons behind such manifestations. It is the tragic reality, that these days numerous individuals, particularly youth, experience absence of human contact, and they attempt to remunerate it by smartphones communication, which isn’t a fit substitute for personal intercourse. Adolescence isn’t a simple time of life, and around then a youngster is particularly vulnerable. In instances of unnecessary smartphone use, there is plausibility of getting to be dependent on the telephone; this present reality appears to blur at the cost of hours-long chats and hundreds of messages. These aspects cause mental issues, as people begin to feel uncomfortable in personal correspondence.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

The world of today is a world of technology and inventions, and there are many tools that make our lives much easier. Smartphones play an important role in the progress and development of human civilization, but their excessive use brings with it serious problems. To reduce their harmful effects, it is important to remember that the smartphone is a friend, not a master and that it should never be used too much.

Often the people are seen using their mobile while driving. It is very dangerous to do so and many serious accidents have taken place as a result of this. A law has been made to prevent the use of mobile while driving. But this law is more often disobeyed than obeyed. The statistics provided by the traffic police clearly show that danger posed by the use of mobile has not come down in spite of the measures taken by the police. The mobile users themselves will have to realize the difficulties and dangers they cause not only to others but also to themselves. And those who break the law should be given a deterrent punishment so that it can serve as a lesson for others.

Thus, mobile phones have both advantages and disadvantages. It is in our hands how to use them. They can be used to benefit us or they can be used in the way that is harmful.

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