Bacon has aptly put it, that ‘travel in the younger sort is a part of education, in the elder a part of experience’. Sages has recommended travelling because it improves understanding through interaction and affords considerable pleasure to the mind as well.

Most of us have a desire to see a new place. Travelling may be regarded as a man’s desire for adventure and experience. It has great educational value as well. It is the means by which we can get knowledge at first hand. We usually never forget such knowledge. The value of travel is increasingly realised by schools and colleges. That is the reason schools and colleges send their students on your to places of historical and scientific interest.

Travelling as a part of EducationA visit abroad can be a source of more knowledge and instruction than any number of classroom lectures. Books and lectures need to be supplemented by travel. Travel is a very advantageous medium for education. Education is not confined to schools and colleges alone. The whole world is a big school. Travel brings us into contact with people of different shades of opinion. It takes us to places of beauty and charm.

Travel sharpens our observation. When we see new places, we come to know more about these places. Our curiosity about the unvisited places is the greatest. It is but natural that we are wide awake when we see a new sight. We are very receptive to new impressions.
Knowledge is a vast affair. It has to be acquired from every nook and corner of the world. Travel can make this possible. A person who travels undergoes a sort of moral and mental discipline. He grows kind, affectionate, tolerant and sympathetic. Moreover develops the mind, sharpens the senses and cultivates many good qualities. It enables us to have a broad outlook.
Travel enables one to see new countries, new people, and new ways of living. It is delightful to find ourselves in the midst of the people who speak different languages, who wear different clothes and who have different patterns of life. By going to different parts of the world we can come to know whether we are more advanced than others or backward. Travel gives opportunities to get first-hand information about every aspect of the life of different races.

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Travel refreshes us a lot. It provides a good escape from the sameness of our routine lives. It brings a healthy and cheerful change to our minds and relaxes our bodies.

Travel takes us to places of historical and religious importance. An actual visit to the Taj Mahal is far better than a thousand descriptions of it in poetic prose. In the same way, a visit to the Pyramids of Egypt, to St. Paul’s Cathedral, London can be a more thrilling experience than reading about these monuments in books.
Moreover, a traveller sees nature in all its variety. He can see the ancient mountains with peaks almost touching the sky. The traveller can also feast his eyes on the beauty, charm and grandeur of nature as it shows itself in different parts of the world. Travel brings Life, Art, Nature – all within the horizon of the human mind.
The Government of India is fully conscious of the importance of travelling. A tourist department has been started with a view to encouraging tourism in India. Tourist guides are provided at all places of tourist importance. Rest houses for tourist are also built in many places.

World travel is a thrilling adventure. It is interesting as well as instructive. Travel takes us away at least for the time being from the monotony of daily life. It brings us into touch with the world at large.

Travelling as a part of Education

But travelling is very expensive. One is finding it very difficult to make both ends meet in these days of rising prices. A poor man cannot think of travelling for pleasure and profit. He has to look for a square meal in this country.

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Travelling bestows the opportunity to observe the multiple customs, cultures and manners of different countries. In this way, we learn to appreciate good things of others and the prejudices and bias against them disappear. It gives a better understanding of other people besides make us able to have an objective and detached view of our own accomplishments. We are not only able to see ourselves but others as well in the real spirit of the word. Above all, we get encouragement and inspiration when we witness the advancement and progress made by others.

Those who remain confined within the four walls of the home are unable to keep themselves abreast with the movements and trends of world thoughts. Travelling boasts the spirit of enterprise, action and adventure. The people who never travel remain isolated, ignorant and lag behind others in the march of civilization. History is the witness that ignorant and coward people have been dominated and exploited by the enterprising and daring nations. The same is true for India too that our slavery was largely due to our ignorance, and isolation and superstitions. Travelling is an immense source of joy and pleasure.

Travelling as a part of Education

Science and technology have made travelling very easy, swift and comfortable. If variety is the spice of life travelling bestows us that variety. We experience multiple scenes of nature, various places, different types of men and women, and social and political institutions. The splendour and colourful beauty of nature have an ennobling impact upon us. Mountains covered in snow, dancing streams of water, a vast expanse of green wood, the sweet melody birds etc make us feel pleasure and admiration. They make us forget our meekness and elevate and purify our minds and souls.

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Travelling as a part of Education

The magnetic beauties of nature have the power to deeply touch man and make him feel the wonders of the vast universe. Pit Travelling has great educational value for the youth. It teaches the lessons of joy, patience, and courage in confronting life’s discomforts and inconveniences. It also imparts the lesson of self – help and self – confidence. Travelling teaches sociability value and good humour. We are becoming tolerant, modest, self – confident. The freer relationship with others tends to make us broad-minded, accommodating, and truly smart.

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