Day: 8 March 2019

How Dreams Come True

Your dreams will become true if you keep on trying every day..

Our Village Poem

Our Village by Prof. Rehman Rahi Soun Gaam (Our Village) by Rehman Rahi A hard-hitting sarcastic sonnet, ‘Soun Gaam’ depicts the way of life of Kashmir in the entirety of its contradictions. It was written by the prominent Kashmiri artist Rehman Rahi in 1995. Our village is better off as a village; call it not …

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Summary and Questions of Sunrise by Padma Sachdev

In her poem, “Sunrise”, which has been written in free verse, the poetess Padma Sachdev portrays the regular marvel of the sun rising in a simple, colourful, though childish, way, comparing the sun with a bashful, nervous school boy, frightened of his stern school master.

Summary and Questions of Love Across the Salt Desert 2

Summary and Questions of Love Across the Salt Desert

The story “Love Across the Salt Desert” by Keki N Daruwalla depicts a love affair of two true and sincere lovers namely Najab and Fatimah. There are many characters in the story but Najab has got a pivotal position.

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