Before starting the whole writing process, you have to establish what marketing papers are aiming at. Generally, its content describes possible marketing strategies, its influence on the market, promotional activities and so on. Some of them are supposed to present a new product or service and “sell” it to the crowd and thus show how competent the author is in the field of business and marketing. Purposes can vary, and they are only limited by your imagination… And, possibly, by the topic your professor gave you. Either way following advice we give you will be extremely helpful. So what are the criteria to a good marketing research paper? Let’s find out!


  • An appealing topic

This tip will be interesting to those who was lucky enough to get to choose the subject matter of the paper themselves. It is the best case scenario. Making your marketing essay fascinating and outstanding is only up to you. So what exactly should you do? Start from searching for latest and up-to-date news in the field of marketing. Magazines and papers (old school), online sources and forums (new less pricey school). Just pick an issue that catches your eye. Choose something you find intriguing, something you see yourself studying deeply and arguing about and thus the whole writing process will be less torturous.

  • A brief outline

Many students find this piece of advice a bit silly but as years of writing experience has shown, it is quite the contrary. At the very beginning of the working process, sit down and draft a plan. Note what is supposed to be mentioned in general, what details you want to see in you marketing term paper in particular, what are the parts of the paper (title, introduction, main body, and conclusion) and what should be indicated in them. Once you have done it and stick to it, there is no chance you will forget about any small detail. You will accomplish everything you initially wanted to do and maybe even add some extra aspects along the writing process.

  • A solid terminology base

Among many reasons you are writing your paper is the one to show your professor that you are competent, that you know the subject and its peculiarities. One way of doing that is using as many marketing terms as possible while presenting your thoughts on the paper. That is sort of a writing lifehack because you are able to search for new interesting professional terms online and include them in your paper like it’s not the first time you hear about them. After that, they might even make their way into your vocabulary. But don’t overload your marketing thesis with terms, they must not seem artificial. Try to spread them evenly across the text and do not let them pile up in one location. Highlight all the terms in a different color so that you will be able to see the whole picture in the end.

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