How to Write Brilliant High School Essays

How to Write High-Quality Essays to Bolster Your Academic Quest

By now, you have completed the lower levels of education and you are referred to as a high school or college student. This is a title that comes with responsibility and especially the one where you are expected to write catchy high school essays.

College Essay Writing Tips

At high school or college level the students have myriads of assignments, term papers and essays to hand in for grading before the end of a semester and this insurmountable workload can be overwhelming. Many students tend to have an aversion to writing because they deem it as too hard, are afraid of failure, or they are simply bored of writing something that was chosen for them. We understand the struggles you go through. Thus we offer reliable writing guide for students in need of writing exceptional essays.

It is true that coming up with original essays is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you have never done it before or are struggling to settle down and focus. The goal of all bright students is to impress their teachers by writing original essay papers. Unfortunately, this is not always the easiest thing to do without the right skills and experience for writing original essays. Many students admit that essay writing is not their piece of cake. Only a few students acknowledge that they can write excellent essays, although they have acquired diverse knowledge in their areas of specialization. Students with inadequate expertise find it difficult to submit quality essays unless they find workable tips.

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College or high school level essays have a standardized structure often with five paragraphs: an introductory paragraph, at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


The introduction should present your argument about the issue. Before stating the position, it is appropriate to grab the readers’ attention effective hooks or statistics. However, you should avoid extravagant details in the introduction.

Body paragraphs:

The first body paragraph should highlight the strongest argument unless a different beginning is required. The first sentence of each paragraph should be a topic sentence explaining the content or context of the paragraph. Each paragraph should be structured to prove the thesis statement. Transitional phrases such as “moreover,” “furthermore,” “on the other hand,” and “by contract” among others are an indication of good writing.


The conclusion opens with a concluding transition while restating the thesis statement and providing details of the entire essay.

The general guideline for writing a good essay entails:

  • A unique and interesting topic depending on whether the paper is expected to be a general overview or a specific analysis
  • An outline which provides structure to the writer so that ideas and thoughts are logical and coherent
  • A body which explains and describes the arguments for your topic
  • A concise introduction that is unique and which argues your topic
  • A strong conclusion that gives a final perspective on the topic

Choosing a unique topic is necessary for all original essay writing

One of the tricks for writing any types of original papers is to find a topic that no one else will be writing about. You should have the skills to:

  • Choose topics with ease
  • Come up with content that is less crowded and more novel
  • Interpret given topic in the right way
  • Writing defends a minority opinion

To really stand out with an essay whether original essays or original reviews, it is important to have a minority opinion in your defense. The chances are that most people will go with the majority opinion thus chances of repetition abound.

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High School Essay Writing

When writing high school essays:

  • Always begin with an anecdote especially if it is a high school entrance essay. High school essays writing require tact. It is important to show your worth using a catchy beginning or preamble.
  • Tutors and analysts look for something that is outstanding, and that is why high school essay writing requires empathy. Place yourself in the shoes of the reader. Achieving this requires you to give your paper to somebody else who will read it out aloud. From this point, it is possible to offer an honest opinion and criticism on the overall quality of the paper. Correct your mistakes if there are any and add any necessary material in the paper.
  • Most high school essay writers fail because they try too hard. The key point here is to relax. Before you embark on this process, note that tutor and analysts only want to see what you know about a topic. In as much as it is important to conduct intensive research, try not to complicate the process because you are bound to make mistakes if you do so.
  • Creating high quality essays requires self-awareness rather than sophistication. Addition of jargon into any paper normally appears unprofessional. Avoid the use of filler words mainly because these make your paper appear unprofessional.
  • The most comprehensive answer on how to write essays is to be honest and write about that which matters to you. However, you should note that teachers always require custom high school essays unless it is a personal reflection or narrative. Personal statements are considered free high school essays where an individual simply writes their opinion or perspective on a given issue.
  • Quality essays require one to follow instructions. With this, you are aware of the types of essays to order or embark on. Normally tutors provide students with a rubric. After writing your paper, go through the rubric to make sure that everything needed is written and easily identifiable

It is important to ensure that your paper shows that you are a high school student. Pay attention to the paper and make sure that it tells the reader everything you deem important on a particular essay.

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