The Idiot Box By Arvind Gigoo

Introduction: The poem ‘The Idiot Box’ by Arvind Gigoo emphasises that the TV set is like a malaise that prevents children from developing their minds and hampers their creativity. He compares the television set to be as bad as an idiot box. The poem reveals how TV influences the eyes of the child. Next, the poet highlights the vitality of books and nature which are, however, ignored because of this television. Most importantly, how this passion for books and other important things that actually matter and help children to grow has been substituted with the addiction for television. Thus, this poem is an advice to the parents to not to expose their children to Television too much.

Summary of The Idiot Box

The poet starts the piece of the poem with those young children who are too much addicted to watching Television. These children watch cartoons like they watch spider man on Television. They do not play football and shape snowman. They force their parents to bring LED for them and shut themselves in separate rooms instead of enjoying the fresh air and nature outside. They have not seen mountains, flower gardens and waterfall. Instead, they enjoy the untrue man fly over a hill on Television. They do not read colourful books or comics and even they do not enjoy their food. They are so much addicted to Television that they have to wear thick glasses to compensate for the eye problems.

In fact, the poet requests the parents to do away with TV sets from their homes and to put a good bookshelf and instead place a nice bookshelf at its place and fill it with good books. This will help the children to develop and eventually succeed their skills, creativity. No matter, now, the children might rebel at this change and even complain and fights with the parents to throw away their favourite television, but at the end, they will be benefitting out of it. And a day will come when they will acknowledge and thank the parents for doing so.

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The children should be kept away from the Screen, or the best part would be to never set up the TV in the house instead. If there were no TV sets, the children wouldn’t have to waste all their precious time. Above all, this will children to experience nature and the real world.

Question and Answers

Q.1.What do you understand by the idiot Box?

Ans. T.V is the idiot Box which keeps you occupied with serials, soups, comic and cubic controlled by a remote.

Q.2. Who is “He” in the poem?

Ans. “HE” is the boy, the child who watches T.V all the time and doesn’t socialise.

Q.3. Why can’t the play football or shape a snowman?

Ans. He cannot play football or shape a snowman because he does not go out to play. He is obsessed with T.V watching.

Q.4. Why is he not interested in things around him?

Ans. He is not interested in things around him because all the time his mind is occupied with T.V channels and he shuts himself in his room.

Q.5. What is it that makes him laugh?

Ans. When he sees an untrue/animated man flying over a hill, he laughs.

Q.6. Why is he not interested in books? Ans. He is not interested in books because he does not give much time to them. He is more involved with T.V channels.

Q.7.Why does he have to wear thick glasses?

Ans. He has to wear thick glasses as the T.V screen’s glare has weakened his eyesight. He watches T.V for a long time which has made him wear thick spectacles.

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Question Answers

1) An officer of Law — Judge

2) Children like it most — Icecream

3) a green/ yellow fruit– Mango

4)Affectionate and loving– Helper

5) A cow like animal — Yak

6) Another word for a clown– Joker

7) Queries to do something– Eager

8) Not fat — Lean

9)Doing no work — Idle

10) Not easy to do — Difficult

11)Very wise — Intelligent

12) Single — One

13) 13-19 Years of age– Teenage

14) People play cricket with it– Bat

15) Opposite of close– Open

16) A musical instrument– Xylophone


The Poem teaches in a funny way that Television should not be watched excessively. Now write a sentence on the following harmful effects of excessive T.V watching:

1) Wastage of time

Ans. It wastes a lot of time. The same time can be utilized for playing/ studying.

2) Couch potatoes

Ans. Watching T.V for long hours makes you a couch potato.

3) Reduces Concentration

Ans. It keeps your mind occupied and reduces concentration.

4) Addiction

Ans. You become addicted to T.V, you feel lazy or helpless.

5) Affects Reading Habits
Ans. It affects reading habits and learning skills.

6) Harmful for Eyes
Ans. It is harmful to the eyes as continuous glare affects vision.

7) loss of creativity

Ans. It results in the loss of creativity because sitting and doing nothing makes you a lazy person.

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