Mansar and Surinsar Lakes Essay

Mansar and Surinsar Lakes

Mansar and Surinsar are believed to be two lakes. It is said that these lakes were created by the arrow from the now of Arjuna, the Pandava hero. To get the underworld in the pursuit of Shesh Naga, Arjuna shot an arrow into the earth at Mansar, and to come back to the earth, he shot another arrow at Surinsar. This the two lakes were created. So, scholars believe that the word ‘Dogra’ originally derived from ‘ twigrat’ meaning two pits which is a reference to the two lakes.

Mansar is an abbreviation of ‘Manasa’ i.e., the mind-born and Sarovara or Sara a lake i.e., the lake produced by the mind or will of Brahma, the creator. Hindus consider this lake very sacred. Hindus devotees come from across India to perform their solution in its water. Close to it is the shrine of Shesh-Naga and many ancient temples are also found along the lake. According to the custom the newly weds walk around the lake together as this is considered good for their future life. People visit Mansar for ablutions of festivals like Baisakhi, Chaitra Chaudashi and Shivaratri.

Q. What is the origin of ‘Dogra’? What does it mean?
Ans. The word ‘Dogra’ is derived from ‘dwigrat’ meaning two pits which is reference to the two lakes namely Mansar and Surinsar.

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