What learning method is right for you?

While there are many ways to study English, many of you may be wondering which one method suits you best. I think the best way is to go through all the things you can experience and keep going, but there are people who can’t afford that much time or who can’t afford it, so here’s a simple way to study. I tried to put together a list of people who are suitable for.

Who is good at online English conversation?

Online English conversation, which is currently gaining popularity, is suitable for those who do not have the time and want to take lessons between work and housework. It is also recommended for those who want to learn English conversation with a short-term concentration and those who want to save lesson fees . You can make a reservation at any time if it is convenient for you, so it is ideal for those who want to keep their pace.

How to Choose a Learning Method that Suits You and Helps You Learn English Speaking quickly

What is online English conversation?

Online English conversation is recommended for those who cannot afford to go out for lessons or who want to take lessons at their convenience. It is an epoch-making system that allows you to take lessons from teachers all over the world through a service that allows you to call for free using the Internet line.

You don’t even have to go out, so you don’t have to pay for transportation, and it’s ideal for people who can’t afford to get their time. The lesson fee is very cheap because the call charge is free, and even lessons are possible from 80 yen per lesson. Even if you ask a higher class teacher, it costs about 50,000 yen a year, so it’s much more efficient and less wasteful than going to an English conversation school.

If you have a computer or a smartphone, you can take the course anytime, anywhere, and for this reason, it seems that it is gaining popularity in a wide range of generations.

Advantages of online English conversation

Did you know that online English has many benefits? We have picked up 7 advantages in terms of cost, usability, efficiency, etc. from a variety of perspectives, and have summarized them briefly.

Cheap shock!

Online English conversation is free of labor and call charges, so the most important advantage is that you can take lessons more than any lesson method . In particular, if the Filipino is a teacher, the original price is so low that lesson fee is about 1/10 compared to Japan. It’s great for those who don’t want to spend money but want to learn native English.

OK at your favorite time!

Online English conversation is a great resource for those who have difficulty going out or who are busy with work and do not know when they can take time off. If you find that your schedule seems to be free today, check the teacher’s schedule and make a reservation. Most teachers teach lessons in 25-minute units, so it’s a good idea to make a reservation during lunch breaks. It’s really convenient to be able to make reservations at your own timing.

OK anywhere you like!

For those who cannot afford to go out due to some circumstances or who value efficiency when they feel that they have no time to go to school, online English conversation can be taken at any place, so concentrate on studying without stress. I think you can With audio-only lessons, it is possible to take classes even while waking up, so it’s especially easy for women to leave their makeup on.

One-on-one thorough instruction

In the case of online English conversation, we use a free calling app, so basically it is done one- on- one without any interaction. There are various reasons why people who are not good at group system because they are shy and want to take classes alone, but in the case of one-on-one, you can have a thorough conversation, so you can learn very quickly. It is characteristic that it is attached.

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Rest assured that you can proceed while checking

Basically, you can make voice calls and text chats at the same time, so it’s attractive that you can send them in text to hear exactly what you said. It is important to check English conversation immediately, because if you keep listening to it by mistake, you may get something wrong with your mind. If you are unsure about similar pronunciations or words, it is a good idea to check each time using character chat.

Data can also be exchanged

You can send texts and data created by the instructor, so it is a really useful function when something happens. For example, if there is something you do not understand in the text you are using, you can shoot or scan the page and send it to the instructor for confirmation. In addition, it is essential for beginners to take lessons using images and pictures in a way unique to online English conversation.

Disadvantages of online English conversation

Online English conversation also has some disadvantages. Although not as many as the benefits, some people may find it difficult to achieve results no matter how much they learn, so please keep this in mind in order to determine whether online English conversation suits you.

Don’t compromise on choosing a teacher!

It seems that there are many cases where the level and quality as an instructor is not sufficient, because individual lessons do not require qualifications . However, I ended up having a conversation somehow, even if I said I did not understand, I could not teach me politely, I could not communicate well with poor conversation. I think it would be good if you simply want to interact in real English conversation, but if you do not know the profile of the instructor and your specialty, online English conversation seems to be difficult.

Be careful of dullness!

If the Filipino is a lecturer, there are many cases where the distinctive accents of the country are conspicuous, so it is often the case that teachers also think that is correct and have just remembered it. For those who want to learn correct pronunciation anyway, I do not recommend the lessons from Filipino teachers, but it seems that it is best to avoid it because it will not be conveyed to the other person.

The teacher is different every time!

It would be nice if I could book the same instructor, but online English conversation is basically a system that makes reservations during free time, so it is difficult to do the same every time. Since the content of the talks and teaching methods are all different, there are many people who find it a little difficult or uncomfortable. This is also a point I especially want to avoid for beginners, so online English conversation is not highly recommended for stable learning.

In short, online English conversation is suitable for those who want to learn English in a short time, those who want to take lessons at their own timing and pace, and those who want to learn native English.

There are some things that you do not know whether or not it suits you, unless you actually take a lesson, so if you have a free lesson, you should definitely try it. Somehow, it may be a little different because you can grasp the atmosphere and the content of the lesson. I think you can make decisions such as.

Who is suitable for short-term intensive English lessons?

Short-term intensive lessons that are especially popular with business people are those who need to learn English quickly, who can not afford time, who want to take lessons between work, who want to take real English conversation lessons by phone. Suitable for Business class is very popular and is increasingly used by those who need it immediately for work.

Benefits of short-term intensive English conversation lessons

It seems that short-term intensive English conversation lessons are gaining popularity in recent years because it is more efficient and less costly to learn English in a short period rather than trying long-term English conversation lessons .

What are the hidden benefits of short-term intensive lessons?

Concentration continues

With the feeling that you have to learn in a short period of time and the content of the lesson volume, you can spend a very fulfilling time so you can try lessons with a higher concentration than usual, so even for those who lose their concentration quickly Recommended .

You can proceed at your own pace

It ‘s a great advantage for those who can’t keep up their paces because they can take lessons during their free time, such as between work and housework . Even in a financial situation, I can only give this much this month, so I’m happy that I can decide how many lessons I will have.

No worries about costs

In the case of short-term intensive type, I think that lessons are easy for anyone to take because the cost is low. It is ideal for those who could not take it because other lessons seem expensive, and those who want to feel free to start.

Disadvantages of short-term intensive English conversation lessons

In the case of short-term intensive English conversation lessons, it seems that there are cases where the person who was vulnerable to the pressure was impatient and could not produce the desired results. Keep in mind that there are many advantages, but there are also some such disadvantages.

I need to devise my own

The short-term intensive method depends on how efficiently and intensively the lessons can be taken without spending time. The same goes for self-learning, where you have to keep running and stay motivated. There is also pressure to find a way to maintain one’s own way and devise it when this is difficult. It may not be said that it is a disadvantage, but it may take some time to grasp the knack, so some people may feel that it is a disadvantage.

Your ability = Teacher’s ability

One of the disadvantages is having a hard time choosing an instructor, but because the technical skills that the instructor teaches will lead to your own results, you will not get good results unless you have the ability of the instructor. There are some parts that you can not understand unless you actually take the lesson several times, but I think that there are places where you can somehow grasp it by asking what kind of person you are in the profile or reception, trying it out for free lessons . If you feel it’s a little different, you’ll need to make some changes.

Who is self-taught?

For the time being, it seems that many people try to learn by themselves first. Since it is self-learning, it is difficult to learn in a short period of time, those who can sit and learn slowly in the long term, those who can not afford financially, those who can keep their motivation for studying, take time for studying firmly Suitable for people .

Benefits of self-taught English conversation

When you think of self-study, the first thing that comes to mind is that it costs nothing. Nowadays, there are various pages for learning English conversation on the Internet, and if you search all the dictionaries, you will be able to find them.

You can also take courses using media such as television and radio, and once you find your own way, you can proceed to the final purpose. You can decide how much time you want to spend studying English, and you can study anytime in bed or in the bath, so the biggest advantage is that you can proceed at your own pace.

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It’s a good self-study that it is easy to set a goal at your own pace to finish from here to this page today and to finish this page this week, so I hope you can make the most of it.

Disadvantages of self-taught English conversation

While it has the strongest merit that you can proceed to your goals at your own pace, it also has major disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that there is no one to teach as a teacher, so it can be said that the biggest difficulty is remembering the pronunciation and rhythm of the self-style, wrong grammar, and even trying to notice and correct it Right.

After all, it is very difficult to learn native English unless you experience the movement, pronunciation, and rhythm of your mouth in front of your eyes. If you stumble here, your motivation will drop and you will not be able to maintain it by your own power, so it seems that there are quite a lot of cases where you give up studying English conversation. It is true that I am not able to manage myself, but in schools etc. instructors and staff manage lesson contents and speed according to the level and progress of the students, so I can only study and manage myself If you are going to use the power of, you will need a lot of guts.

Although some people say that managing and grasping schedules and levels is also part of their studies, it is a fairly difficult reality for those who study using the free time of work and housework. Disadvantages are a little worse than merits, but it is also important to give it a try and experience it, so I personally recommend self-study.

Those who are good at self-taught English conversation

Those who are good at studying English conversation by themselves, those who are busy every day and can not take time for lessons, those who want to study without cost, manage their own level and schedule and maintain motivation, there is one.

Especially for those who are confident that they can manage themselves, I really recommend it because it is inexpensive and you can proceed at your own pace. Also, if you are going to a lesson but would like to study while commuting or going to school or just before going to bed, you can also use the lesson + self-study method. Perhaps the latter is the best choice for those who have difficulty maintaining motivation.

Who is suitable for school English conversation school?

The faces to go to school type of school-based English lessons, those who can afford the time, money to those who can afford, those who want to take lessons in face-to-face, who atmosphere is like, such as a school , and the like It is possible. It can be said that it is suitable for those who want to take lessons in the long term rather than in the short term.

Who is good at Skype English conversation?

Although it is similar to online English conversation, this is a service that allows you to take lessons using Skype, so those who have a smartphone or PC, those who want to take lessons using gap time, financially affordable. It is suitable for those who do not have it, or who want to learn real English conversation .

Who is suitable for an English conversation cafe?

Since the lessons are held mainly in groups, it is suitable for people who like lively places, people who do not know people, people who can afford some time, people who are intermediate or higher in level, housewives and students. I am. The secret to its popularity is that it is fun to learn while drinking tea, and it is attractive that many instructors are also easy to talk to.

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