Day: 22 June 2020

The Introduction' By Anne Kingsmill Finch- Summary, Analysis and Questions 1

The Introduction’ By Anne Kingsmill Finch- Summary, Analysis and Questions

The picture of a woman poet frustrated by the restrictions imposed by society on her is seen clearly in “The Introduction”. The poet begins   anticipating what critics would say about her lines: “And all might say, they’re by a Woman writt.” A woman writer is viewed as “an intruder on the rights of men” and a “presumptuous Creature” who should desire woman’s proper accomplishments, namely, “Good breeding, fassion, dancing, dressing, play.”

Shadwell By John Dryden 2

Shadwell By John Dryden

Shadwell By John Dryden About the Poet ➡ Born in Aldwinkle, Northamptonshire, England, the eldest of fourteen children. ➡ Entered Trinity College, Cambridge in 1650. ➡ Heroic Stanzas (1658), written on the death of Oliver Cromwell is his first important work. ➡Became Poet Laureate and Royal Historiographer. Important Highlights of The Poem Stanza 1 ➡ …

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