Group Discussion
Group discussion is thought to be the first and most important way to find the right performer. It is through group discussion that your communication skills are looked at, as well as how you act and interact with your group. The evaluators and the people who are talking are the two parties who are in a group discussion. There are a lot of things that the evaluators look at when they look at the discussion. They look at how open-minded the discussants are and how well they listen. They also look at how good they are at making decisions and how well they analyse things. They also look at how good they are at critical thinking.

Tip: Maintain a gracious demeanour. Making a fish market in the middle of a discussion is a complete waste of time and a sure symptom of ecological collapse. Avoid encroaching on the space of others. Keep the ball in play for a reasonable amount of time, but avoid cutting other individuals off. This will reflect your unwarranted superiority.

On the other hand, keep a close eye on your space and opportunities. Submissiveness, on the other hand, will be looked down upon. It is entirely up to you to get entry without being overruled or outmatched by the dominant participants.

Expressions to be used in Group Discussion

To initiate a discussion

1. The topic given is truly a serious issue. Let us look at this problem now.
2. It is indeed an interesting topic. Let us see the issues involved in.

3. In my opinion…….
4. Personally I think that…
5. My own view of the matter/issue is that…
6. It seems to me that…

To seek opinion from others

1. What do you think…?
2. How do you feel about this?
3. What is your opinion about this?
4. We will be happy to hear about this from you…
5. Shall we have your opinion?

To make suggestions

1. I would like to suggest
2. My suggestion is
3. Let us see this from this angle
4. Shall we look at this from this angle?

To draw attention

1. Excuse me, I would like to add…
2. Before we proceed to further. I wish to consider
3. Le me explain this point
4. But let us look at this from the different strand.

To promote good relationship with fellow participants

1. You are right
2. I agree with you.
3. Please continue.
4. Please proceed further.
5. Will you please elaborate?
6. I think, you mean…

Handling Interruptions

Stay assertive and let not people cut you short every time you begin to raise a point. Assertively yet politely state:

1. Let me finish first. 
2. I have not completed yet. Let me complete my point. 
3. Thank you for bringing the attention to the point I raised earlier( if you raised the point earlier and grabbed attention)

Stating your own opinion
1.  In my opinion…….
2. Personally I think that…
3. My own view of the matter/issue is that…
4. It seems to me that…

Disagreeing with an opinion

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1. I’m afraid I can’t accept…
2. I simply don’t agree with you.
3. I fail to see the logic behind any of your arguments.
4. Your arguments are not convincing at all!
5. Excuse me, but I have to contradict you quite strongly here.
6. I couldn’t disagree more with what you just said.

Agreeing with an opinion

1. Yes, I agree (absolutely). 
2. I couldn’t agree more to what you just said. 
3. That matches exactly my own view.
4. Yes, that is just how I see it. 
5. I absolutely hold the same view. 
6. We both share the same point of view. 

Partly agreeing with an opinion

1. I see what you mean, but…
2. There is certainly some truth in your words, but you fail to notice that…

3. I don’t entirely agree with you. 
4. I understand your reasons; however, I see some aspects a bit differently. 

Disagreeing with an opinion

1. I’m afraid I can’t accept…
2. I simply don’t agree with you.
3. I fail to see the logic behind any of your arguments. 
4. Your arguments are not convincing at all!
5. Excuse me, but I have to contradict you quite strongly here.
6. I couldn’t disagree more with what you just said. 

Interrupting assertively

1. I’m sorry to interrupt here, but…
2. Excuse for breaking in here right now, but…
3. Can I stop you there for a moment?
4. Hold on a second. (Informal)
5. Pardon me, but I think this just leads the debate astray.


1. I think we should focus on the main aspects now. 
2. Let’s now consider another important aspect of today’s debate.
3. I think we have exchanged our opinions on that point now and should move on…
4. You all highlighted crucial aspects, but have we really discussed … indepth?
5. Thank you for your honest/thought-provoking views, but we should also pay attention to…

Assertively Handling deviations

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1. Friends, let’s remember that we are discussing recession and not FDI
2. Let’s not deviate from the topic and understand that we are discussing Modi Government and not Demonetization.
3. Friends, in my view rather than insisting on our own views, let’s approach them more objectively and logically.

Getting other people in

1. I feel it would be appropriate if we listen to some of our friends who have kept quiet so far.
2. Let’s see how our friends sitting in the corner perceive this phenomenon.
3. Let’s find out what Mr. X has to say about this.

To conclude

1. Let us conclude the discussion
2. We have arrived at conclusion
3. We have been speaking on.
To express opinion
1. I am afraid I have a different opinion
2. I am sorry I have to differ
3. My observation is
4. I don’t think it is right
To ask for details
1. Can you explain?
2. Can you say something more?

Sample for Group Discussion

Equal Rights for Men and Women
No.1  : The topic given to us is quite controversial topic. It can turn out to be  gender war. I firmly believe that women should have the equal rights as men. World cannot survive only with men. Men and women are two elements of society. If women were not given rights, the world cannot flourish. Women and men enjoy the same status in the western countries. Men and women complement each other. But in India, women are treated as a secondary gender. But this is the country which is called ‘Mother India’. I support the statement that women should enjoy the same status as men. Thank you. 

No. 2  : Friends, I feel that women should be treated at par with men. But they  should not be given equal rights. Nowadays, there is an increase in the number of working women. Because of that, men do lack getting a job. Because of women only, men face unemployment. If women are given equal rights, society will become unbalanced. Divorce will also become very common. It will disrupt the society. Thank you.

No.3:  Friends, from the history, we can understand that the wars and downfalls  are brought about by women. There is no doubt that women are weaker sex. So they can not stabilize themselves. Man only can stabilise woman, as a father, brother, husband or son. Women with individuality, will neglect their families. As a result of this only, nuclear family system is emerging. Because of such women only, children turn to the wrong path, becoming criminals, drug addicts, and extra marital affairs. It is they who denied the grandparents to live with them. So Women should be treated as subordinate. Thank you.

No.4  I appreciate the previous speaker’s point of view. He has justified his  points. But we have to remember, no country can flourish, without making women as their equals. Literate women can contribute to society. Women take care of the domestic activities and care their husbands and children. Women should be given equal rights. Thank you.

No.5  I would like to state that women have already enjoyed their rights.
Women in India loved to play the subordinate position i.e. sister, wife, daughter. They are brought up in such a manner. Women do not want to exercise their rights. I feel that women do not both much about their rights. Thank you.

No.6  In the name of equal rights, women have broken social norms.
They wear obscene clothes. They prefer live-in relationships. They are the causes for social disintegration. If they are given equal rights, it is like, adding fuel to the fire. So no rights of equality can be given to them. Thank you.

No.7  In fact, I am of the opinion that women have more rights than men.
In jobs,  they are given priority. If they are given equal rights, they would not do justice to their jobs or to their families. Thank you.

No.8  I am of the opinion that women should be treated like equals. I would like  to say that these rights should be limited to education, job and marriage. The rights can become detrimental for society. Thank you.

1. Does Technology make us less human.
2. Disaster Management in India.
3. Can illiterates be given driving licenses?
4. Electric vehicles in India.
5. Plastic Ban: Economy or Environment?
6. Media attention to sports: Cricket vs other sports
7. Status of women in India
8. Gender equality in the work place
9. Who serves the country most – Teacher or the soldier?
10. Effects of video games on Children.
11. Animated Series spoil or entertain children?
12. The Impact of Social Media on the youngsters
13. Is India safe for women?

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