What are the different types of English conversation study methods?

I was also one of the business people who was worried about how to study English. I could read and write, but I couldn’t speak English. Ah, this is not good … I was impatient, so I suddenly decided to attend an English conversation school.

It was a short time, I was 35 years old, and I gave up thinking that it would not be possible, but I was able to talk to foreigners so much that I and my surroundings were surprised, and this is exactly what the blue sky is. I was grinning without thinking. I wrote and submit an article on this site to let you know when you got a free trial to find a school that suits you and which learning method is the best.

What are the different types of English conversation study methods?

I’m sure many people aren’t sure how to study English conversation, which method suits them best, and what type of method. I’m sure some of you are studying on your own or want to continue studying. Is that the right way to learn English conversation? This is what suits me! No matter how long you study, you will not get results unless you study it. It is a bad part of self-study that you do not notice the same mistake.

By the way, I introduced the study method for each type and summarized it briefly so that you can judge which one is right for you.

How to learn English conversation to familiarize yourself with English

Get Used to English Sounds

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First of all, rather than trying to understand the meaning of English words, you need to get used to English sounds. By becoming accustomed to the sounds, you will be able to hear the other person’s English smoothly, without the habit of trying to speak while thinking about grammar. There are a lot of people who get frustrated here, but the most important thing is to get used to the sound first rather than going to an English conversation school. The only thing that can be done at the same time as the sound training is to concentrate on the first 3 words of the sentence and listen firmly. Also, it is a good idea not to translate the English sentences you hear into your native language in order to make them English brains.

The different types of English conversation study methods to learn

Grammar is important

Grammar is an inevitable part of studying English conversation. For backpackers and students looking for a school, grammar may be memorable, but it’s a different story when it comes to business English conversation! If you don’t study grammar properly, you may be distrusted by the other businessmen. Grammar is better to learn one by one than to understand the structure. Repeat reading, listening, writing and pronunciation to overcome grammatical difficulties.

How to learn with listening ability and visualization

When you speak English, are you thinking about translating English into your native tongue? With this, you will not be able to speak forever. English is taken as it is, and when it is reflected in the mind, it is returned as it is in English. This is a smooth English conversation, but in order to be able to do so, it is necessary to have both listening ability and visualizing ability at the same time. The best way is to learn in English instead of words. Let’s train the students to think of the visualized things not as words but as sentences.

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Learn English conversation with overseas dramas!

Find your favourite short-term overseas drama and use it to study. I like everyday life and romance items that do not contain special English words. First of all, instead of watching only in English, I watch it many times with a translation in my native language so that the image and the image of the English text match exactly. It’s a learning method that you can watch repeatedly every day until you finally understand and understand it without a  translation, but it’s fun and it’s very efficient.

Learn pronunciation!

 First, remember that English uses abdominal breathing for conversation. It seems that the best way to get a pronunciation close to that of native is to practice the numbers 1 to 10 every day, keeping in mind R, TH, V, and F, which are not in your native language. Training for about a month is perfect.

Types of study methods for those who do not want to spend much money

Learn English easily while studying

Movies and foreign dramas are recommended for learning English while enjoying TV. It is necessary to watch and remember the same video many times, so if you record it and watch it repeatedly, you will be able to understand it even if you do not have a translation in your own tongue when you notice it. You can also read news from abroad to know the present. The announcer’s pronunciation is beautiful, so it’s easy to hear, and since he’s speaking at a constant speed, it’s easy to grasp the rhythm. I have no choice but to do such a fun and free learning method.

Have fun studying listening on the radio

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There are English conversation corners and programs on the radio, so you can study on your smartphone, computer, or car. Moreover, it isn’t a waste of time because you can study for free! It is possible to purchase a special book, but it is more important to record it and listen repeatedly every day.

I also highly recommend the Internet radio called BBC, and although the content is not for beginners, it is said to be the best for learning native pronunciation and rhythm, so please listen and study.

Feel free to speak English

Now I can easily talk to foreigners via email or chat. There are sites and applications that are recruiting mail friends, so I think it would be good practice to practice by using them. Being able to have a realistic English conversation is a lot of learning, and it should give you more motivation to continue studying English. The sensation changes again when speaking out or writing, but both are important, and since practice is necessary to remember, why not try using it without hesitation?

No need to spend money

Since there is no need to pay money. Generally speaking, it is said that taking the lessons at an English conversation school is the fastest. Just taking a lesson will not improve you, so there are some tips to keep in mind.

If the instructor can use your own language as well, he/she will explain in detail in your known language the parts that you do not understand in the lesson without being confused with questions.

This is a lesson that I had been working on in English, so if I leave the part I didn’t understand, I will be frustrated. If the instructor speaks only English and does not know what to say, it may be better to change your instructor.

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