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Modal Verbs: Characteristics, Usage Rules and Worksheets 1

Modal Verbs: Characteristics, Usage Rules and Worksheets

Modal Verbs: Usage and Worksheets The verb (BE) when used with ordinary verbs to make tenses, passive forms, questions and negatives are called Auxiliary Verbs. Auxiliary verbs have two types. There are two types Auxiliary verbs. These two types are Primary Auxiliary Verbs ( Be, Have, Do, ) and Model Auxiliary Verbs or Simply Model …

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All  the world is a  stage : Summary and Questions

At Stratford-on-Avon, in 1564, the greatest genius, myriad-minded Shakespeare was born. His father, John, had been a small shopkeeper and the poet had two sisters and three brothers. When he was 13 years old his education was cut short, and he had to work to support the family.

Essay On Uses and Abuses of Television For Students 3

Essay On Uses and Abuses of Television For Students

Television is a very useful means of giving education. The best teachers can teach the largest number of students.  There are many things which are difficult rather impossible to show in schools. TV makes it possible to make such unfamiliar things familiar. Students can enjoy a  lesson on snowfall on the mountains as a  living reality and not merely as the spoken or written word.

English for Writing  SMS 4

English for Writing  SMS

English for Writing SMS SMS is an abbreviation of Short Message Service. It is a service that enables the transmission of typed text messages from one mobile phone to another. In the present situation, the facilities such as cell phone handsets, network subscriptions and recharging cards are easily available at an affordable cost. In the …

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On Saying Please: Summary, Analysis and Questions and Answers 5

On Saying Please: Summary, Analysis and Questions and Answers

This essay by A.G. Gardiner explores the issue of politeness as an extremely important and indispensable feature of civil society. Politeness, he argues, is that which keeps the social life of civilised man well oiled and friction free. Good temper gives rise to naturally pleasant behaviour that radiates pleasantness all around. Conversely, bad temper breeds uncouth behaviour that poisons the stream of life. Both good and bad behaviour are highly infectious.

Essay Writing: Types, Components/Format , Characteristics and Samples

An essay is a properly and logically constructed literary composition usually dealing with its subject from a limited or personal point of view. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. Like a paragraph, it is also classified into several types such as narrative, descriptive, imaginative, reflective, expository and argumentative.

Globalization and Poverty Essay 6

Globalization and Poverty Essay

Many people today reveal their concerns over the fate of the world’s poor by attributing their present plight to globalization cycles. They assert that globalization often weakens the position occupied by poor countries, thus exposing the poor nationals to harmful and unfair competition from the developed world. This concern remains understandable, especially as illustrated by the glaring gap between the poor and the rich in recent decades.

Cigarette Smoking and Its Effects Essay 7

Cigarette Smoking and Its Effects Essay

Tobacco, the chief plant used to make cigarettes, has been growing on earth for more than eight thousand years. In today’s world, cigarette smoking is a very common practice across the entire world. It is a familiar hobby to both the young and the elderly people, race and gender notwithstanding. However, though a universally embraced practice which to some extent helps the users, cigarette smoking has very adverse effects especially when its use is prolonged.

Dowry System Paragraph 8

Dowry System Paragraph

Dowry system is an age-old custom in India. It clings like a curse to our society. It extends to all sections of the society, irrespective of creed and caste. Like other customs, the custom of giving dowry at the time of a girl’s marriage had a noble cause behind it. In the past, girls weren’t granted any share in their paternal property.

The Old Man And The Sea : Summary, Themes, Character Analysis and Question Answers

Santiago after 84 days without taking a fish is soon to catch something bigger than he could ever imagine  It is his courage and his perseverance of character that allows him to go out to sea every day in his weather-beaten boat.

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