An Ideal Teacher Paragraph

Teachers play an important role in the nation building by character building of the students. The best and the greatest profession in the world is that of a teacher, because the future of a nation depends upon the type of teachers who shape the future generations. Every teacher plays the most important role in shaping the students as enlightened citizen. Swami Vivekananda’s words should not be forgotten by the teachers- “Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is achieved”.

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An ideal teacher is the most important member of the society. He is the real nation builder. He is expected to give correct guidance to the young folk. Above all a teacher should be a man of character, a man with good habits and manners as he serves as a model for his students. Simple living, high thinking and noble acting should be his watch word. An ideal teacher has an enviable personality. He is loving, cheerful and healthy. He spreads waves of affection and fine ideas around him. He seldom loses his temper. He wins the respect of his students by virtue of his fragrant personality. An ideal teacher knows something of everything and everything of something. He has an ample information about general affairs and he is a master of his own subject. He does not live from hand to mouth in academic matters. However, he prepares his lesson daily. If students come to him with their doubts he tries to satisfy them off.

It is not enough for a good teacher to be master of the subject but he be master of the technique of teaching. He teaches through love rather than force or fear. He inspires the students with love for his subject and creates thirst for knowledge. He makes new knowledge interesting and purposeful. He must appeal to their sense of reason and discourage blindfold cram. His slogan is knowledge for the sake of knowledge and character building and not only for service or certificate.

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An Ideal Teacher

An ideal teacher is an asset to his educational institution, his state and his country. He is a true patriot. At the call of the country, he is prepared to sacrifice his life. An ideal teacher moulds an ideal student into an ideal citizen and an asset to the country. He can change the fate of the country. The future of the country is very bright in the hands of ideal teachers. There is a moral crisis in our country. Our leaders and administrative officers are corrupt. The country can be purged of such bad manners only if hard-working, honest and intelligent what are called ideal teachers come forward and produce ideal citizens. Under them the nation can attain the peak of greatness and glory. The future of the country definitely depends upon ideal teachers.

An Ideal Teacher Paragraph

With his polished manners and speech, he wins the heart of all. He has a good moral character. He is dependable person. He is honest and sincere. He removes bad manners that he finds in his students. He has an optimistic outlook on life. He does not waste his time in idle gossip. He is true gentleman. He never loses temper. He never punishes his students. He has always smile on his face. He teaches students with love and care. He is fair and square in his dealings with others too. He is always eager to help others. It is his habit to do a good turn to his students and others. India badly needs ideal teachers and they are very rare.

An Ideal Teacher Essay


Write a Paragraph on An Ideal Teacher

An Ideal Teacher

There are many teachers. But an ideal teacher is extremely good and rare. An ideal teacher is highly knowledgeable, qualified and a positive thinker. For students, an ideal teacher is one who teaches them consciously and makes books lovely for them. An ideal teacher is one who is well known among all children. S/he does her/his work with interest and dedication. S/he loves the students like a father and forgives them like a mother. S/he thinks logically and has positive thinking. S/he is not one who runs after money. For him/her, teaching is not a profession but a mission. The goal of the life of an ideal teacher is simple living and high thinking. S/he gives the extra knowledge to his/her students. An ideal teacher does not explain once but more than a thousand times for his/her students.

An ideal teacher is a person who is perfect not only in teaching but also in all walks of life so that he may be a role model not only for his students but also for society. S/he should have a very good command over her/his subject. S/he should talk very politely and nicely. Words should come out of his/her lips in a rhythmic order. S/he should teach in a natural tone. His/her knack of teaching should be convincing. S/he should make her/his lessons very interesting. S/he should put life and vigour in her/his presentation. S/he should really know the art of teaching so that her/his students love to receive education from her/him. Her/his method of teaching should be simple and easy to understand. S/he should treat her/his students like her/his wards. S/he should never remain cross with them. S/he should look upon their failures as minor lapses on their part like a mother. S/he should not take them to the task. S/he should not humiliate them in the class in the presence of other students. S/he should make them realize their mistakes very tactfully. S/he should treat all students alike. She should give extra time to weak students and help them. Often s/he should amuse her/his students by an innocent joke. S/he should avoid punishing them, though s/he should maintain strict discipline in the class. S/he should have a very dignified personality.

A ideal should be hard-working sincere and kind. S/he should be regular and punctual. S/he should be always well dressed. S/he should be very vigilant and careful. S/he should not set a wrong example before her/his students. S/he should treat her/his students as friends. S/he should love them and praise them for their good points. S/he should be a friend, guide and philosopher to her/his students. S/he should have great thirst and love for knowledge. S/he should give advice to her/his students in all affairs. S/he should look to the personal needs of her/his students and help them in every possible way to come out of the difficulty. S/he should have a spotless character. S/he should not only be eminent among his colleagues and students but the society should also hold her/him in very high opinion. S/he should be a man among men. S/he should never be forgotten by her/his students in their life. In short, the most important stakeholder in our society is the ideal teacher.

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