My Favourite Teacher

A teacher is a role-model for the students.Students imbibe virtues and vices knowingly and unknowingly from theses role models. His actions convey more than his words. Students learn values from what a teacher is rather than from what he says. He lays foundation of good habits . Swami Vivekananda says that “character is nothing but a bundle of habits formed through repeated acts. It comes through
“Samskaras” or past impressions. Character building can change the nation. As strong foundation is required for a strong building, strong character is required for nation-building. 

We have many teachers in our school. They are all good and inspiring. All teach well. They all  practice what they preache. I love and respect all of them. But the teacher whom I like the most is Mr Mohammad Afzal Mir. He is my favourite teacher. 

Mr Mohammad Afzal Mir is an ideal teacher. He embodies all of the qualities that make a great teacher. He is very polite and friendly person. He loves all his children and treats them like his own wards. His method of teaching is impressive. In class, he is usually well prepared. He does not just dictate lessons to the students but he explains each and every thing in the easiest possible way. He always has a smile on his face. He teaches through love rather than force or fear. He acts as a friend and guide in the class. All students seek inspiration him.

Mr Mohammad Afzal Mir is an English language teacher. He also teaches science and Urdu. He is not only the master of the subject but also the master of the technique of teaching.He is a deligent teacher. He imparts values in students by giving them instructions through discussion, debates, experimentation and lectures. He maintains a case-study register to closely observe the students and note down the positive and negative traits of their personality. He encourages the students to go to the libraries- the treasure house of knowledge. Every day, he spends at least 5 minutes on moral lecturing.

He wins everyone’s heart with his refined manners and speech. He is a morally upright person. He is a humble person. He is sincere and truthful. He corrects his students’ poor manners. He approaches life with a positive attitude. He doesn’t waste his time in idle gossip about other people. He is true gentleman .

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