Article Critique Writing Tips

Article critique is composed in standard paper frame. In presentation there is the subject of the article critique and your perspective. Particular issues and parts of the contention help to shield this perspective. In conclusion outline of the contention and re-underline of sentiment ought to be given. A critique is a particular style of article in which you distinguish, evaluate, and respond to a writer’s opinion, both positively and negatively. It is generally connected to scholarly sources.

Study the article interestingly to comprehend its primary thoughts. In the event that you are uncertain in the event that you comprehend it unmistakably, rehash it. Once you believe you comprehend what really matters to the article, read the article again and influence notes as you to go. On the off chance that you locate any fascinating sentences or passages that you think ought to be talked about, you should cite them as confirmation to help your discussion. From your notes, examine and talk about each imperative point. You can give your remarks and feelings at this stage. Conclude and give a conclusion with respect to whether you like or aversion the article. Bolster your thoughts with the proof you found.

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Steps of Article Critique Writing

An article critique involves identifying, evaluating, and responding to ideas in the article both positively and negatively.

Identifying ideas

  • Identify the background and purpose of the article
  • Identify the main argument or idea the article communicates


  • Determine how convincing the author is
  • Review the appropriateness of the methodology used
  • Appraise the assumptions and use of evidence in the article
  • Assess the applicability or usefulness of the article
  • Compare the article with other studies or current theory


  • State your position about the article
  • Highlight the issues it raises or avoids

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