The Best Anchoring Script for Morning Assembly

The Best Anchoring Script for Morning Assembly

Practice makes a man perfect; so be well prepared for the morning assembly, the following points may help you.

Speak in such a way that other loves to listen to you” and “listen in such a way that other loves to speak to you”. 

With this quotation, I express my heartfelt greetings to all of you present at this morning assembly, “Assalam un alikum.”

This is ___(your name)__, here to lead you through today’s assembly on behalf of class ___(your class)__.

Beginning today, I must forget what has passed, appreciate what remains, and look forward to what lies ahead, because “what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”

A new day means a new beginning and new opportunities. So let us welcome the day with open arms. As we all know, no programme can be started without remembering the almighty creator of the entire universe. So, first and foremost, I would like to invite _____ to recite some verses of the Holy Quran.

After the tilawat-i- pak ,  it the time to call for naat -e- shareef. So  I would like to call_____from class _____for naat -e- shareef

Next I would like to call____for kalma

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Gk knowledge is a key of success and an important aspect of your daily life to assess your knowledge. Here comes_______for some gk questions.


Science have developed a lot from Stone Age to the current modern era. So to make better on this era here comes ……………


We should be aware of the things happening around the world. To keep us up to date I would like to call____ from class____ for todays news.

The Day’s Word

The world is full of words….To improve our vocabulary, I would like invite __ from class __ to present the Word Of The Day.


Mother and motherland are greater than heaven so to show devotion towards motherland all of you please be ready in attention position for national anthem.

Special Day

Everybody have a special day in their life . Yes it’s their Birthday. Today some of our friends are celebrating their B’day .Let’s wish them.


Prayer is talking to God; Almighty; the creator of whole universe so lets start our assembly with the presence of God ; Prayer.


Pledge is a way to show your love & respect towards nation. So be ready for pledge.

End of Morning Assembly

This is the time to wrap up today’s morning meeting, stay healthy, and be nice. We promise to return with new ideas, new thinking, and better performance.

Thank you, and have a pleasant day.

Sample of Anchoring Morning Assembly

Dear students.  Now I’ll show you a Sample of Anchoring Script For Morning Assembly. Hope you will find this useful.


Honourable principal, respected teachers my dear brothers and sister “Good morning.” I welcome you all to today’s morning assembly. My name is [Your name] and I am feeling honoured to be standing here with my fellow schoolmates to lead today’s morning assembly. We hope this assembly will inspire and motivate you for the day ahead.


As we begin this new day, let us open our hearts and minds to the opportunities and possibilities it holds. But before we begin, let us take a moment to give thanks and remember the almighty who created this beautiful world. Please join me in a moment of silent prayer.

Anchoring Script for Morning Assembly

Thought of the Day:

Today’s thought of the day is:

“Speak not to mask your true self, but to unveil the beauty of your mind and the strength of your spirit.”


“The tongue is the window to the soul, so speak wisely and reveal the true essence of your being.”


“Silence may conceal, but speech reveals the person within.”


“Words are the key to unlocking the mind, so speak with purpose and unlock your true potential.”


“Speak not to conceal, but to reveal the truth within you.”


“Speak not to hide behind words, but to reveal the depth of your character, the power of your thoughts and the brilliance of your ideas.”


Let’s take this thought with us as we go through our day. Let’s all try to incorporate this in our daily interactions and see the positive impact it has on our relationships.

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Naat Sharif: (Change as per your religion)

Now, we would like to take a moment to remember and honour the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through a Naat Sharif recitation by [name of student or group]. Let’s listen attentively and show our respect.

Science Fact:

Did you know that the human brain is made up of about 75% water? In science today, we would like to share a fascinating fact(s) about the human brain. It is [name of student] from class 6th who will present the science topic in front of you. Repeat [name of student].

Cultural Presentation:

Cultural is a very important aspect of our society. We would now like to showcase a cultural presentation by [name of student or group] who will be performing [name of performance]. Let’s give them a round of applause as they take the stage.

News Headlines:

Finally, before we end the assembly, we would like to update you with today’s news headlines. [Name of student] will be sharing the headlines with us.

National Anthem:

As a sign of respect and devotion to our motherland, let us all stand and sing the national anthem together.


That concludes today’s assembly. We hope you have a productive and positive day ahead. Remember to always strive to be the best versions of ourselves and to treat others with kindness and respect. Thank you all for joining us. Have a great day!

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