My Favorite Hobby – Gardening

A hobby is a pleasant pastime which keeps us busy. It is an activity which we indulge in for amusement and not for profit. Hobbies differ from person to person as tastes and temperaments differ. My hobby is gardening. I have a small garden in front of my house. I have also a few flower pots in my house. I love gardening because I love flowers. There is a sense of belonging between me and plants. I have flower plants and vegetable plants.

My trees and plants are my prized property. I grow various kinds of plants and trees. First, I prepare the ground for them knowing that if the soil is not good plants will not flourish. After planting I look after plants and trees carefully. I prune them now and then. I know seasons and moods of trees and plants. I know their requirements. I know what they demand from us. I give them water and manure. I look after plants and trees like parents look after their children.

Flowers greet you with sweet winning smells and smiles. I prefer sweet smiles of flowers to the riches of the world. These smiles make me happy. They make me love others. My flowers love all. I also love all. I have learnt the secret of success in life. I should smile.

I have purchased a metal flower stand which can accommodate 12 flower pots. I have placed flowers in an imposing colour scheme. I have white, pink, red and scarlet roses. I have lilies and marigolds. I have cucumbers and chillies. I have tomatoes and potatoes. I don’t grow flowers and vegetables because they are useful but because they are loveable. I can’t feel at home without flowers.

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My Hobby – Stamp Collecting

Different people have different hobbies like book reading, singing and dancing etc based on their tastes. My hobby is stamp collecting. I visit friends, acquaintances and relatives at the time of mail, especially foreign mail, and hunt up old letters and envelopes and collect stamps. I paste these curios in an album. Stamp collecting is a wonderful hobby. It not only keeps us busy in leisure but also gives us pleasure and sharpens our creative faculties.

Stamp collecting has informational value. One can build up a chronological table from the dates inscribed on stamps. One can understand many important events of the past and can get a glimpse of the cultures of different people. The Silver Jubilee stamps of India gave us the picture of the important places of India and also of some historical personalities and monuments. I feel proud of my hobby.

My Favorite Hobby – Book Reading

Reading is my favourite hobby. When I am free, I enjoy reading a book. When I was four years old, I started to do it. I felt interested in the first time I did it. So I kept reading. The teachers always taught me to read difficult words. I was excited when I read the story with a happy ending, I was thrilled when I read a story about a detective.

I enjoy reading because I like to explore the imaginative world of my favourite author J.K.Rowling who writes”Harry Potter”. Reading has a lot of benefits. Reading can make me calm and relaxed. I can learn new items of vocabulary as well. Then I can improve my English further. Besides, it can give me unlimited imagination, so in the future, I can write books. I can learn about other countries’ different cultures and customs in the world, too.

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Every day, I read for one hour at least. I read books by myself. I usually read it at my home. I wish I could read various types of books because it might be very challenging.

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