A Scene at a Railway Station English Essay For Students (300 Words)

Subject: Write an English essay on A Scene at a Railway Station in your words.
Grade/Class: 3rd to 8th standard
Age group: 6 – 14 years

The scene at a Railway Platform is always a learning experience. It presents a picture of mini India. One finds hundreds of passengers scattered on the platforms. Hundreds of people are gathered in the waiting rooms. You can find queues in front of booking windows.

The railway authorities announce the arrival and the departure of trains. Delays are notified time and again. Passengers, coolies railway staff and police force move from here and there on every platform. Tea and snacks are available on a counter in the railway canteen. Fruit vendors, newspapers -sellers and toy- sellers shout at the top of their voice to attract customers. One comes across people from all states.

A railway platform is a strange place. Here everyone is in hurry. No one listens. Everyone speaks. All eyes are set towards the incoming trains. As soon as the train stops at the platform, people push one another to get in. People do not allow those in trains to get off easily. Some people sitting in the train do not open doors to let other passengers come in. Coolies find a way to the compartment easily pushing others aside.

People are very careless sometimes. They don’t cross the railway lines by the overbridge. They adopt short-cuts which is very dangerous. People haggle with railway staff to reservation tickets. Tickets are sold at a premium to the needy.

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The time for departure comes. Dear ones and friends are off their relatives by waving their hands The train moves only when the guard gives the whistle and waves a green flag or green light.

A Scene at Railway Station ( 150 Words)

There is total confusion and disorder at a railway station. The is true of big railway stations only. Last Sunday I went to the city Railway station to see my aunt off. The platform was overcrowded. There was noise and commotions everywhere. The waiting hall was crowded with all sorts of passengers. There was a long queue in front of the booking window. I bought the ticket and came off. At the platform, a large number of passengers are waiting for the train. Some of them are sitting on the benches. There were many stalls on the platform like tea stall, snack stall, bookstall etc. Small children were running here and there. Coolies in red dress were going to and fro. Passengers were taking tea. Some were reading newspapers. They were waiting for the train. Soon the train came. There was a great rush at the doors of compartments. Many passengers got down and many more got in. My aunt got a seat near the window. The engine whistled and the train began to move. We returned home.

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