It is rightly said that corruption is a worldwide phenomenon. It is one of the gravest vices in the world. It has spread and taken its roots deep into every society. Even if we admit that corruption is a worldwide phenomenon, yet we have to agree that in India probably it has crossed all conceivable limits. Corruption is there right from the peon level to the level of the highest officers. The politicians are probably the most infected people.

Corruption is a major obstacle in the progress and advancement of societies. It has made useless the sweet dreams and ideal ideologies of philosophers and thinkers to create economically and socially just societies. Wealth has got alarmingly accumulated in the hands of corrupt people. The resources of a country that are primarily meant to bring prosperity to the society and the nation as a whole are used by the corrupt people to promote their own interests.

The main responsibility of the corruption lies with the governmental machinery. You can not think of moving a file from one table to another until it has wings of silver attached to it. Every locker in a government or semi-government department opens only with a silver key. To the regret of humanity, all this goes undaunted. People in authority suck the blood of the poor and needy openly and there is nobody to make them accountable. It is a strange logic that at times if a poor man is caught while giving small amounts as a bribe, he is punished but those who offer and take hefty sums hardly get exposed.

Corruption a menace

This sorry state of affairs has given birth to an alarming disorder and injustice. Corrupt people at the helm of affairs have made the things go inversely. Illiterates get jobs while qualified perish disappointed.

The rich, under such circumstances, are growing richer and the poor becoming poorer.

Corruption is evil with many heads. When one head is cut, a new head emerges and we have to grapple with this new one. The common people simply feel baffled and helpless.

However, if we have a firm determination, we can certainly overcome this menace rather sooner than later.

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