Essay on Life
Essay on Life

Life is full of surprises in every second, minute, hour, day, week, decade and so on. There are ups and downs, health and sickness, laughter and tears but one thing is sure life is wonderful.

Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has differences but whatever it is let me share my points of view about life and will call it the essay of life surrounded by different things, people, technology, issues revolving around the world. Let me share with how I see the world, life and journey.

Life is a beautiful journey. We do not know what will happen and when will happen something with us. There are occasions when we feel happy and excited. We are happy usually when we are healthy, fit and playing. We feel unlimited joy especially on the occasions of birthdays, festivals and during vacations. On such occasions, our nears and dears are with us enjoying the moments. However, our happiness does not live with all the time. Sometimes we fall ill, meet an accident, lose or get separated from our dear ones. On these occasions, sorrow and grief rule over us. But it’s the painful experience that makes us stronger. Pain is certainly a great way to increase mental resilience. Pain, above all, sharpens the mind.

Life is a colourful book with multiple lessons on it. The first and foremost lesson that we learn from our lives is that everything is perishable. We come to this world and someday we have to leave. In fact, it is the uncertainty of death which makes life so precious. Life also teaches us that our strength, our physical charms and our health do not stay with us all the time. As we grow we meet to different kinds of changes bodily as well as external. Therefore we must enjoy the beautiful blessings of Life before death overtakes.

Life teaches us how to live our lives socially with others. We usually find that when are young, energetic and living happy moments, everyone remains firmly with us but as soon as we fall on evil days they desert us. Only true relations stick with us. However, Life teaches us to be sincere because if we deceive others someday we will be deceived.

Life most importantly teaches us to go ahead despite all ups and downs. Even the strongest kinds and emperors have faced tough times. It guides us that we should never lose hope. It tells that all of our dreams do not get fulfilled; many remain far to get. We do not always get everything that we desire in our lives. Sometimes we dream more than we deserve. We should know that if we desire more than we deserve disappointment is inevitable. Our expectations should be genuine. However, sometimes we get more than what we desire.

Many people are saddened by failures. They don’t know that failure is part of life. These people become hopeless to the extent that they are unable to see the bright side. The bright side is that there is a reason for every failure. For this reason, every failure teaches us a valuable lesson. This means that every failure will build experience. This experience is what improves people’s skills and efficiency.

Life therefore is and should not be just a bed of roses; thorns are a part of it as well, and we should accept it just as we accept the bright side of life.

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