The Most Memorable Day of My Life

Life is an unending experience of joys and sorrows. I, too, had my share of sad and happy moments. One of my most joyous encounters with my life stands out pleasantly fresh in my memory. It was the day full of happy incidents.
It was Monday the 21th of November 2018. My annual results were to be declared on that day. The morning smiled at me brightly when I learnt that I had topped the list of successful candidates in my class. I felt simply overjoyed. My parents and other people at home were jubilant and there was a celebration in my honour. I received a bicycle as a gift from my father.

The happiest day of my life

At around 12.30 p.m. there was a call for me. Thought it to be one of the congratulatory calls, I casually went to receive it. I almost screamed with merriment, when I heard an old friend Haider speaking to me! I had lost connection with him about two years ago due to a misunderstanding between us. He wanted to come and meet me. I felt very excited when ultimately we met. We felt like the same old pals!
We were having lunch together. The postman brought in a registered letter which was opened by my father. My father had got his long-awaited promotion! This further added in our excitement. We decided to go out for dinner in honour of my father.
Finally, this eventfully glorious day ended and we were in sound sleep. At the end of midnight, I heard a knock at the door. To my utter joy and surprise, I saw my younger brother, who had been missing for six months, standing in front of me! What could be a greater moment than this? We all went mad with joy. I saw tears in everyone’s eyes in my family. These were the tears of extreme happiness.

The Most memorable day of my life

What People Ask?

Q. What is difference between unforgettable and memorable?

Unforgettable” is a much hard word. “Memorable” is a much safer word which would ordinarily be chosen in an obliging note to say thanks. Unquestionably there are occasions where the hard word is also suitable in pleasant cards to say thanks, yet the issue is that you would prefer not to appear exaggerated, which can make you to seem insincere.

Unforgettable” signifies something essential to the degree that it can never be forgotten. It is mostly used about the experiences that have hurt you so much that you do do forget them.

Difference between unforgettable and memorable

Situations where “memorable” may be superbly proper include: the end of the week at Windsor Castle spending time with the regal family that the Queen of England as of late welcomed you to, your wedding (for which you need to thank your folks for taking care of the bill), or the night your band opened for the Red Hot Chile Peppers.

Memorable” signifies something valuable for recalling. It very well may be used securely for any glad experience. I would use “memorable”. By not exceeding in your compliments you will in general pass on greater genuineness and produce an eventually more sincere and, in this way, incredible card to say thanks.

Now I would like to share two stories. The first story is an example of memorable experience and the second an unforgettable experience.

The Memorable Moments of My Life

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The Day We Got Our First Pet

Once my uncle brought a rabbit which had large smooth hair like that of a wolf .He was very beautiful and he had button type eyes. I like it and wanted to have a puppy of it. My whole family was pleased. My youngest daughter Sabrina begins to love it very much. She would play with it for hours daily neglecting even her studies and school home work. Very soon it begins to love each and every member of the family. Sabrina had a piece of rug for the pet. She would give it four carrots daily besides a toast. It was named Gabby. It soon began to respond to this name Rabby in about one month it learnt its name. We had only to call out once or twice and then wait patiently for a while and he would appear.Soon he grew up and we liked him most. All the occasions that I spend with the rabbit were really most memorable moments of my life.

The same Memorable Day of My Life
Most memorable day of my life

An Unforgettable Day of My Life.

When my father came from Hyderabad, he brought me a soft shining pair of shoes. I accepted the shoes with delight and got very happy. I was eager to put it on my feet. I found that both the shoes had some kind of bite in the toe area particularly on the right shoe. I did feel it when I began to walk. I went merrily went to a friend of mine to show him the shoe which were otherwise of a very fine quality and had decent look. But my right foot got trouble when the foot got much swelling. My mother applied some medicine on my foot. She gave it fermentation also. I was feeling excruciating pain. For three days I could not wear my shoe and remained confined at home. So the reward turned to be a trouble to me. This is one of the unforgettable experience of my life.

An unforgettable day of my life

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