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Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) was the pen name and later the legal name of Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto, a well-known Chilean writer and politician. He was awarded the 1950 World Peace Prize and the 1971 Nobel Prize for literature. Walt Whitman was one of his icons, and he wrote an ode to honour him. He was a committed supporter of Stalin and Fidel Castro, and in his poetry, you can even discover some of this effect.

Neruda held numerous diplomatic posts in his life and served as a senator of the Communist Party of Chile. When Conservative President Gonzalez Videla banned communism in Chile, a warrant for Neruda’s arrest was also issued. For months his followers hid him in the basement of a house in the port of Valparaiso in Chile. Neruda then escaped to Argentina in exile through the mountain pass near Maihue Lake. Neruda became a close collaborator with the Socialist President Salvador Allende some years later.

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From I Explain a Few Things
From I Explain a Few Things

At the time of the Chilean coup detat led by Augusto Pinochet, Neruda was hospitalised with cancer. Neruda died of heart failure after three days at the hospital. His death reverberated worldwide. Pinochet had not allowed the funeral of Neruda to be transformed into a public event. But thousands of Chileans broke the curfew and the streets were crowded. The funeral procession of Neruda was the first spectacular protest against the military dictatorship of Chile.

His poetry covers a wide range of subjects, including poems on fruit and vegetables, answers to critics of his poetry, and even the beauty of the great dictionary. Sometimes I got the feeling that he didn’t share everything with his readers, but only scratched the surface of his thoughts, feelings and thoughts to create a sense of darkness or secrecy in his poem.

” I Explain A Few Things ” Summary

The war had a great impact on Pablo Neruda ‘s writings. His writings were previously very personal, internal, often concerned with the question of existence in the modern, chaotic world. However, his experience in Spain during the Civil War changed his life and consequently his poetry completely. He was much more concerned with social and political justice issues now. Many of his works, including a present poem “From I Explain a Few Things”, were radically influenced by the war.

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In this poem, the poet explains why his writing has changed and why his poetry no longer talks about his country’s love, nature and sweet dreams. The poem explains how it changed everything one morning; the war morning. Spain was broken during the three years of war.

The poet speaks of several beautiful memories in the poem at first. He talks about his house like it was: life bursting. Geraniums, dogs, children were running, playing and enjoying. He also tells how great it was at that time; the smells, the colours, the thriving public market life. The clock towers of the church, the clocks and the large area of land thickly covered with trees were the characteristic features of his country. The capital represented a busy life and prosperity.
But the city was on fire one morning. There was an attack, probably by the fascist regime at that time. Everything became ruins. The people, the animals, the crops, the vegetables, the flowers, the buildings, the towers, the moors, etc. The young hooligans and criminals began to pervert all works of art, public and private property and the beauty of nature in a destructive way. There was blood everywhere on Madrid’s street, the blood of Spain’s children’s blood. Above all, well-known poets such as Federico Lorca and Rafael Albert were murdered.

I Explain A Few Things

Textbook Questions Of “I Explain a Few Things”

1. Why does the poet use the title ‘I Explain a Few Things’?
Answer: The poet uses the title ‘ I Explain a Few Things,’ because he wants to explain that there were destruction and blood all[lockercat] over Madrid during the Spanish civil war. Therefore he could not write poetry about his country’s sweat dreams, mineral resources and other beauty. So the title is to explain why his writing has changed, why his poetry does not speak of love and nature any more.

The majority of his earlier poetry was very personal, interior, often concerned with the existence of the modern chaotic world. However, his experience in Spain during the Civil War changed his life and consequently his poetry completely. Now he was much more concerned with social and political justice issues.”I explain a few things ” explains why his poetry has shifted.

2. What are the memories that the poet talks about in the poem?


Images Describing War:
The bonfires leapt from the earth.
The blood of the children.
Burning metal flows.
The blood through the streets.
These lines show imagery of the killings and deaths that happened due to the war.[/lockercat]

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Questions and Summary Of I Am Explaining a Few Thing


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