Question Answers of My Mother at Sixty Six

Question Answers of My Mother at Sixty Six


My Mother at Sixty Six is a sentimental poem in which she talks about her mother. This poem is based on the filial relationship between mother and daughter.

The poet, Kamala Das who’s pen name is Madhavikutty’ was born in Kerala and is one of the first poets in India. Her subject – essentially her personality – is beautiful, sensitive, audacious and tormented. External factors are not reflected in her writings, her writings show her true feelings within. Her most popular poem is ‘composition’.

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Summary of My Mother at Sixty Six

Questions Of My Mother at Sixty Six

How does the poet describe her mother in the poem?
Answer: The poet describes her mother as an elderly woman who has become dull, inactive and worn out due to old age. She is often dosing and unconscious of herself as a dead person.

Why does the poet look outside? What activities does the poet see outside the car window?

Answer: The poet realises that her mother is about to die. The thought of her mother’s numbered days makes her anxious, and she looks outside to distract her attention from her mother. Outside the car window, the poet sees young trees sprinting. She also finds very active, energetic and lively children coming out of their homes.

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