Day: 10 January 2019

Summary of Dusk by Saki 1

Summary of Dusk by Saki

Dusk by Saki is an interesting short story which revolves around a deftly crafted plot. The story starts on a sceptical note with the musings of a man in an exceptionally critical attitude by the name of Norman Gortsby who is seated on a seat just as dusk had set. The reason behind Gortsby’s present outlook is perhaps the fact that he is a man who has been unsuccessful in life.

Questions Answers of Moti Guj 2

Questions Answers of Moti Guj

Moti Guj is a large and powerful elephant that clears the forest land for coffee planting. He is owned by a dissipated mahout, Deesa, to whom he is devoted. One day Deesa asks to leave for a drunk orgy and the planter gives him ten days off, provided that Moti Guj works well while he is away.

A Peaceful Night-A short story 3

A Peaceful Night-A short story

A Peaceful Night-A short story =================================== It was 9 p.m. A 24 year old handsome young man, Robert, entered a multi specialty hospital. He went to the reception and met a nurse. He asked “Excuse me. I want to meet my father. Can you show me his room please?” The nurse asked his details and …

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How Belief's Work  (A True story) 5

How Belief’s Work  (A True story)

It was the time of second world war. An american soldier was severely wounded and taken to a military hospital. The doctor had to remove a bullet from his stomach by doing an operation. The soldier was on the bed. The doctor ordered the nurse to give the soldier some required amount of anaesthetic.

Dusk Questios and Answers

Norman Gortsby considered dusk to some degree uniquely in contrast to other people. To him, dusk was a period when defeatists throughout everyday life, embarrassed to confront the world amid the daytime, turn out from disguise.

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