Success Mantra: Everyone desires to be a successful person in his or her life. To be successful in life I mean not the only materially rich in life but also the good human being. But to hold the dream only does not make one be successful. One has to act for the purpose and in order to act fruitfully, he or she has to know how to act? In other words, successful people perform their every action in the best possible way.

The main purpose why I am writing the same, that is, how the people shall know the ways and means with the help of which they can turn their dreams into reality. In this endeavour, I put my effort to research about the successful people and collect the basic ideas and tips from their exceptional lives and from the service they have rendered or are rendering.

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Everyone should know about the ideas and tips in order to colour and groom their lives beautifully. Whatever I gather I sincerely write that content for everyone so that you can implement them, if you like, in your lives and achieve your dream.

Success Mantra

Selection of One Specific Field As Per Your Interest

The first and foremost idea that I would like to share is that one can not know everything about everything but something of everything and everything of something. Knowledge is vast and limitless. You should not put your efforts to read anything haphazardly because it is like putting a ship into a vast ocean without knowing destiny. In that way, you can reach nowhere. Target gives direction to your efforts and saves your energy and time. So you should choose one specific field/ domain as per your inclination, aptitude and interest, and concentrate your efforts to excel in that very field by gaining possibly all important knowledge pertaining to it. The more you learn about it the more you realise that you know less about it. Consequently, you will get such pleasure in learning that you will be never willing to stop from knowing more and more things. your curiosity to know more and more is what makes you ONE among the most.

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Albert Einstein; the great scientist says, ”The more I learn the more I realize how much I don’t know.” One of the great philosopher and teacher Aristotle was once asked a question by his students. They asked him how much knowledge he owned. He replied that he knew nothing. The students were surprised and not satisfied with his reply. They told him that they did not agree with him because they knew he had a lot of knowledge. They only wanted to know if there was any limit to his knowledge. Aristotle ultimately explained as, ”I know nothing but I know what I don’t know, you don’t know what you don’t know.” Today is the twenty-first century. Knowledge has expanded unimaginably and is increasing incessantly and vastly. So you should not discontinue your learning. You should update yourself in order to remain enlightened. This has become inevitable because the best people do not love what is obsolete. They always love to remain updated.

Success Mantra


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Success Mantra | How Can I be Successful in Life?


Sharing knowledge has helped humanity to survive and evolve into the smart and productive species that it is today.A Candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."Margaret Fuller says, "If you have the knowledge, let others light their candles with it."


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