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This is the age of competition. Everyone wants to excel and touch the sky. In education too the students want to come out as flying colours. They want to achieve the highest possible scores. But at the end of the day, only those students are able to meet the expectations who do not only work hard but also work smart in order to achieve the desired goal. They know the tips and tricks which help them in the preparation of exams and in achieving high marks.

➡ Do you also want to obtain high marks in the coming up board exam?
➡ Do you want to know the simple techniques and tricks that can enhance your results.

There are various tricks and practices which can enhance your chances of scoring high in an exam. In this article I will help you in studying, preparing and solving exam question. All these savvy tricks and techniques are workable and will significantly help you to score high in the exam and you will definitely come out as flying colours.So read on!

Preparation For Board Exam: Top Tips and Tricks

There are two different ways in life to meet your dream of learning. These two ways are:

One is to work hard
➡ Other is to work smart

No doubt, diligence in your studies pays off especially during exams. But I would encourage you to ensure both. You should not only work hard but also work smart. All the successful people of the world have achieved so much greatness not only because they worked hard but also because they were smart enough in their endeavours.

I assume that you might be approaching in class 10th or class 12th board exams. I will give you proven strategies as my students have even got a cent per cent marks in English board exams.


Before answering this question let me tell you one important thing. You know that when you write your answers you write them in some language. So, you language writing may it be English, Hindi, Urdu or any other language must be correct. If your language is not correct then what you write is not what you mean. If what you write is not what you mean then what ought to be done usually remains undone. Hence, it is paramount that your language should be correct. Only then you should think about other subjects.

Now let’s come to the point. How shall you proceed and work so that you will be able to score the sky? Here are some revolutionary strategies that you should strictly follow:

Table of Contents

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First of all, make it a point to write in shorter sentences to the possible extent. Remember the sentences shall be easily understandable. If you use shorter sentence likelihood of syntactic errors diminishes immensely. You should always keep in mind that an English paper checks your capacity to frame correct sentences. If you use complex sentences the probability of grammatical errors increases tremendously.


Punctuation is a standout amongst the most essential components of written English, but most of the time, it is taken lightly. It offers clarity to the written sentences and makes the ideas easily understandable much like pauses and changes in tones of the voice when speaking.


You should ensure that you have learned all the spellings of the words whose spelling is tough to remember. Despite the fact that it doesn’t seem to be the most essential thing yet spelling errors cost you tremendously. Although it is not easy to say as who considers what spelling to be difficult to remember or learn. But you should discover your weak spots and work on them so that you can write correctly in the board exams. You can lose marks in case you are not watchful.


One of the most critical things you should remember is to ensure that when you are writing your answers you should have strong facts in support while writing your answer. Write those points as per the marks allocated to the question. In the event that question carries 3 marks, you should have three important facts. It’s relatively similar to argue a case in the court. To help a case a lawyer needs to give pertinent contentions similarly in a paper when you are answering you should think of it as a case and give correct arguments to help your answer. This is possible only if you have learned all the facts about the question accurately. So simply you should work hard to learn the facts smartly not just to cram the content.


This is very important. In the classroom, you should make it a habit to take important notes and note key points if you want to experience an easier time studying later. This will not only help you in absorbing the knowledge easily but you will have a reference book that will assist you when you will study later.


Sometimes situation arises where your find it is very hard to understand some concept. In that case you should not hesitate to consult your teacher. The teacher can help you a lot to eliminate the problem. If you are still unable to grasp things properly, do not stress. Go to other teacher or any other learned person.One of the best ways is to seek help from other students of your own age who might have understood the concept. This is the best way because when a student of your own age teaches you, you can understand the things more easily simply because his level matches with yours. You can also obtain from your knowledgeable family members, neighbor or relatives.

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Some of the students cram the content for the exam.They take notes from some photostat shop and cram without understanding. This is called banking of information. This is very dangerous because it may help the students in getting some scores in the exam but in the long run it becomes the biggest barrier in their success. It is like when someone eats foods that remains undigested and is discharged without giving any benefit to our body. Here is Its formula:

Notology + Gotology = Drukology

Where Notology means notes, Gotology means cramming and Drukology means
the undigested food that is discharged while vomiting.


If you want to learn things firmly that could be retained for a long time, you should frequently teach others what you have learned. Once you are able to teach someone else you really know it.This also makes your concepts more clear and a boasts your confidence.


There are occasions when the students write their answers in an exaggerated manner. It consumes time and scores as well. The answers should be to the point. No irrelevant details should be added. When a student supports his answers with the facts that are not asked in the question, they are not only ruining their own precious time but the time of evaluators as well with the result they are given fewer marks. So write only what the question demands. It is wrong idea that more you write the more you obtain.


This implies setting up an updated timetable before the exam. The amount of time required for revision relies upon how big the exam is. You should revise the principal points regularly until the exam. You should keenly listen to what the teacher says. The teacher makes it clear what is expected in the exam.

Divide the material you are expected to learn into different sections. That is you should take the material you are furnished with, including all revision notes and categorise it into different sections. A decent method of revision is to make the knowledge organised with the topics you are expected to learn. In the event that you have learning outcomes, try to ensure that you know every one of them.

Practice leads to perfection. The more you practice the more you get better. You should revise your notes frequently. You should not hesitate to take a look at where you turned out wrong in the practice tests. Focus mostly on reconsidering those sections. Take a practice test once more. Proceed until the point when you return great outcomes. Keep on taking numerous practice tests. Do this routinely, until your actual exam. Remember you learn from every mistake.

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As said above being organised is fruitful. Being systematic makes life less complicated, makes it less likely to lose things and spares a lot of time. So, arrange your exertion and the chapters which you have to learn about.

Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks


If you are excessively worn out, you will forget all that you learned and if you do eat well your mind won’t work properly.
You should not compromise your health when you study for exams. You should the nutritious foos especially the foods that help to aim your memory and concentration like almonds, fishes, seeds and blueberries. Avoid eating junk foods.Also Drink plenty of water Remember these things also on exam days.Always keep yourself always fueled with energy. Above all sleep well to keep your body and mind relaxed.


You should take study breaks.When you learn, ensure you take a 5-10 minute break after one hour of study. This will not only help shield your brain from getting over-burden but will keep it fresh and give it more opportunity to digest the information. On study break try not to stuff your brain with more information because in that way it is burdened.

Try not to cram just before an exam. Rather, recall the formula’s and key notes in your brain or the properties and its names rather than simply rereading the material once more. Rehashing the textbook just before won’t do much good, however, a bit of a minute ago reviving on what you have memorised can be useful.


Ensure it is the correct answer. In case that you are not sure of an answer, skip it and return to it. There are chances that it may be tended to in an alternate question. So be careful and keep your eyes open for more pieces of information on the indistinguishable subject from you finish the remains questions of the exam.

Try not to listen to what others say after the exam. If you think what you have written is correct, don’t pressure your mind if the others wrote something else. Continue ahead with your next portion of revisions, realising that you gave a valiant effort. Only your actual exam results will affirm how well you have done.


It is unavoidable that you should read again and again. You should not wait for exam to come and then start reading prior to exam. This can not help you to immaculate high scores. If you truly want to excel in the exams you should always find a joy in reading new material. You should at least repeat the reading of the topics several times each week. This will show you remarkable results in the exam.


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